Favourite MR Song


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Aug 19, 2004
Hey members of the band and fans what do you think is the best song off the new album
i would have to say The Messenger for me what do you guys think
Erm, can I say all of 'em? I honestly cannot choose as each song has something different to offer. The Messenger is a straight out and out awesome song though
Hmmmm.....I would say Eldritch Mirror....then possibly St Matthieu or The Messenger are my faves!!....but then again Chimaera is pretty awesome as well.... :headbang:
Totally impossible question dude..!

....as Jez says, each song has something different to offer (especially on St. Matthieu).

I like 'em all, and some bits of 'DW' are great too - middle of 'City of Ys' and Broella/Boat/Bride I still like loads.

Maybe one day I'll remix DW and apply some of my newer production techniques... That might be cool.
dangeorge1uk said:
sweet dude so are you producing other bands albums or just mercury rains

Maybe in the future. Dunno... MR is pretty full-time at the moment, and I want to concentrate on that 100%.

Got a possible Europe-wide distro/promo deal coming up, so that's taking some organising... :headbang:
mmm hard question off Dark waters Broella,Boat Of The Dead And Bride Of The Dark are the stand out tracks for me/ St Matthieu on the other hand is a completley different kettle of rocking fish I love all of them have to have a few more listens and get back to you on that one :)
I'd say "Bride Of The Dark" off Dark Waters
And "The Messenger" off St Matthieu (can't stop listening to it and dreaming of a live performance in Lille!!!!!!)

Guess that I'm into heavy stuff, hey? :D