Im going to Metaltown in Gothenburg, lots of great bands going there
Im also going to mother fucking WACKEN!!
Its gonna be a good year for metal
First year in quite a long time that I won't go to any festivals.

I've heard stories about my at festivals that sounds funny, can't seem to remember them happening though, everyone else must be lying...
Unfortunately only Metaltown this year.
I've had more than a few interesting moments at festivals. Moments like this one drunk man who thought my Tigger backpack wanted to kiss my 5'9 friend without realizing that I was attached to it. That moment ended with my friend screaming, "Put her down!!!"
I don't care to much for festivals. I miss the old days when Slayer would play at Network in Pasadena Maryland and you could get in for like $20 because there was only like 5 bands at the most. Now we have to have festivals when the price is $100 to $200 and you have to wait through all kinds of crap bands to get to the one you wanted to hear. Don't get me wrong. I would love a festival that only consisted of my favorite bands but that has never been the case. I have to sit through 8 or 9 crap bands to get to one band I wanted to see. Or I can go over to the off stages and watch even crappier bands. Plus it is set up to rip you off. You can only bring in a bottle of water but you can't leave and get back in. So unless you want to leave for good you have to buy their crappy $10 a slice pizza or microwaved $15 cheeseburger.

Im sorry. I did not mean to get all down like that. Have a good time at your festivals.
Then just go to shows.

For people with more varied tastes it's awesome.
For example, I would kill a stranger to go to Hellfest.

Going to Hellfest / Wacken / Bloodstock. Inbetween Hellfest and Wacken me and my friends are going to travel around Holland and we should be going to Iceland between Wacken and Bloodstock. Will be a good summer. ;>

Looks like I'm winning so far. :p

Oh and if it counts then I'll be going to one of the CAMRA ale festivals in early September.
Is there many big American Festivals? Ive never really heard of any, all european fests id say would be better though