Finland and Finntroll pix at last!


Sep 15, 2002
Helsinki, Finland
Okay, I promised to show you these pix many many times and finally they are here :D So now I'd like to share my great experiences with you ppl, about Finland and about the fellow trolls :)

lets see a few favs:


Proudly present you Tundra (Sami - Finntroll bassist), John (MagSec4) and Kati (Sami's gf). Taken when they were in Budapest for vacation :)


Sami, John (what a serious expression :p ), Kati and me :)


My best pic taken on Tuska of Finntroll !:headbang: (yeah, unfortunately my cam sucked panda ballz :erk: )


and yeeeeeey! Me IN Lake Bodom!!! !:headbang: :lol: and yeah, I survived it :p
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Janina said:
Cool pics, girl :D

@CoB666, what, you'd want her legs to be in you, huh..? :lol:

:lol: I thought the same when I saw his comment haha

thx everyone, it was such a great experience...tho getting to that lake was damn hard! it took us a whole day with Sami (Ormir)! had to take like 3 buses and then 1 hour walking from the countryside to the beach...but it was obviously worth the effort :)
Hahahhaha, I can FEEEEEEL it :lol:
BUt dont worry, I thought about you guys when I was there and told the Bodom spirit a big HAIL on the forum's behalf :p

@CoB666: I am I guess I won :p

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