Finally, going to Finland!

~Rappion Lapsi~ said:
:lol: :lol:

Now i know her name! It's Minna...or Marja... Fuck!

It's so fucking typical :lol:
Anyway, Sami says hi to ya :p

@ouaga: hell yeah :headbang: Just came back from Semifinale where I met with Henkka heh. He lit my cigarette twice and as a pay back I stepped on his foot once :cry: :lol: It was an accident :p

Anyway, Tuska was awesome, and after Finntroll I can say that i was the best gig ever :) Took lotsa photos of them, hope I can get those tomorrow ;)
Heh, I briefly met ougoadouga, I'm pretty sure :p I was the guy with black hair, the kauluspaita + tie and the gauntlets (although I was dressed in a darkthrone shirt the other days).

Nice talking to you also Rappio, that salmari stuff was fucking excellent. \m/

(the club we were in was Semifinal btw Zsuzsa ;p)