Jul 18, 2002
Firewind are proud to participate on METAL HAMMER GREECE "And Coverz For All...A Greek Tribute to Metallica"! The CD comes with issue #348 which is out now!

Check out our cover of "Through The Never" below!

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I honestly hadn't known this thing existed, but I'm glad you posted it since the cover is really something's the rest of the CD?
Firewind did an excellent cover...
Of the others, One struck me as one of the more interesting ones (basing this by the few songs I heard on youtube), despite the screaming part.
Edit: after a few listens I can't stand the breakdown, it's still way too -core
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From what I have heard of the other songs on this compilation the only one I would enjoy appears to be the Firewind track.
Good cover........

What happened to the thread "Gus G Solo Album"?

Seriously, I have never known anything like this on any other forum........I know other forums where actual band members are the admins and the fans say all sorts of things and discuss all sorts of things and everything is accepted.

Is it because I posted it maybe, or did someone say something wrong or something else? Fans should not be scared of saying what they think on forums and the artist should accept what they say in good faith or else they have a problem. Jeez!
It got deleted because there was a difference of opinions.

That's ridiculous, not a good enough reason in my opinion. Is this forum run by a dictatorship or are we living in a democracy? Freedom of speech and all that, as long as you stick to the rules that "Ultimate Metal Forum" set out.......
I agree with you, but what's done is done.

On an completely unrelated note;

Merry Christmas, everyone at Firewind's forum!