Flooding the forum -Episode 2 "The good old dayz"

Hello children.

What does "urpo" mean, as in "vitun urpo"? I just pwntzorified someone at poker who said this to me just before I took his money. I larfed.
"Urpo" is one of those numerous words of the finnish language that are supposed to insult you. Propably the most offending way to make a remark about your intelligence with just one word of the language in question. Roughly translates to "dumbass". Also a quite common finnish male name, especially with people born before the year 1960. A major tv-channel news anchor is named Urpo Leppänen.
Wanna see Satan's son play the drums:

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I've just gone and bought me-self two cd's from the local grocery store... 51 Koodia - Rautaiset Linnut (with the song Puu) and Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer... 6.99€ per piece. :)
In today's post: Rusty promises to wear his Farmakon t-shirt to the Opeth gig on Monday if someone replies to this thread by Saturday evening.

Hi guys! Hey, I tell you what, if someone replies to this thread by Saturday evening I'll wear my Farmakon t-shirt to the Opeth gig on Monday! How does that sound?

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