Fredrik Johansson


Brought to a bitter halt
Aug 29, 2003
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Hi fans!
I was just wondering what former guitarplayer Fredrik Johansson is doing after he left the band. I wasn´t succesfull with may investigation, so I hope you can help. It looks like he parted way with :wave: music... :yell: Or hi didn´t?
He's the bassist of a Göteborg rock band, which I can't place an URL or name on at the moment, I'll wait for someone else to. ;)
fredrikj said:
Believe it or not, I've gotten e-mails from people who really DO believe I'm him. Fredrik Johansson is a quite common name, but few people get that...

-- Fredrik (the one from the site linked in the quote)

And you're also the boyfriend of the singer of Ace of Base? :loco: