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Aug 3, 2001
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Does anyone know a napsterish program for the mac. Audiogalaxy won't work cuz I don't have a pc or linux, and I can't afford to but to many new cds, and its hard for me to find solid metal cds. Any suggestions?
Well, I always just used Napster on my mac...

...but I don't know if the Mac version of Napster was updated to work with their new scheme and filters, etc.

I haven't bothered to look.

There are other ways to share...

Look around on

I think "guntella" would be a good thing to search for.
Originally posted by Demonspell
The most endangered species, the Mac user, will not survive Gates' annihilation...

*shrug* I don't know about that.

Microsoft is kicking themselves in their own ass with Windows XP.

Either way, what will happen will happen. I don't want to argue about it, that's for certain. If what you think will happen happens, it wouldn't be the first time a superior product was beaten by an inferior product with better marketing...

Beta, Sega Master System, etc.
Even if Macs fail in the consumer sector, it's still the choice of graphics and video editing professionals. Nearly all the best non-linear video editing systems (media 100, avid, and the new final cut pro :D) are for mac..

I wouldn't trust my footage to a PC!

especially one full of Gates.

And I agree, XP is going to piss a LOT of people off.

the Mac gurus I know swear by hotline.
Ah, okay. You are redeemed.

I have one quote I came up with that I enjoy pertaining to this that I wanted to share, though:

"Editing video on a P.C. is like cooking soup in the microwave. You can technically do it, but..."

And yeah, get yourself a decent Digital 8 camera with firewire output, a Mac G4, and Final Cut Pro, and you're got pretty much a professional quality video production facility (AND! If you had the DVD burner, as well? Ahhhh.... then if I could design DVD interfaces with Director, on top of that? Shit... that'd be sweet...) sorry, the further rants of a media addict...