FREE RAM!!! 1 stick left!!! *Message for Winners*


Jan 10, 2005
The last stick is still here, the guy that I know that was suppose to come pick up the 4th never showed up so anyone that wants it let me know and send money via PayPal for shipping by tomorrow morning and I'll send it out. Shipping is anywhere from $4.05 to $10, depending on your location in the U.S., about $15 for international locations. PayPal account:

Ok guys, for those of you who have already claimed your stick and sent shipping money via PayPal to me, everything is being shipped out tomorrow. Sorry it has taken so long but I've been super swamped here at the studio. Finally caught myself a few hours on Saturday (tomorrow) to go take care of things. So expect your stuff pretty soon!

Metal Overload


I think I want to play a game for the last stick. So that's it's more fair for the people that aren't online yet, etc. I'll have to think something up, but I will confer with my associates online to put together something good. Stay tuned :D

Hahah. Nah, I have to figure something out fast though, I want to ship it all out tomorrow afternoon so...

Oh man, I need more ram SO BAD. I couldn't even get splatt88's impulses to work without nuendo crapping out on me.

So yes, please count me in for whatever game you decide on :)
Well i wouldnt mind a new memory stick, since i'm gonna need it for college, sign me up dude!

EtherForBreakfast said:
006. Just go ahead and give the stick to me.. I'll throw it into my nephews audio box...

You have not asked the question yet, but this is the answer:

OH MY GOD!!! That sounds sooo... eh... i really don't know about the man having grrrrrreat time with his dick, but it sounds... LOL! :lol:
Hey man! I'd love the stick...I only have 512MB in my computer and well...thats not all that great for music!

But hey, if someone only has 256 MB, you should give it to that dude...he'd need it more than I would lol.

Let me know what game you're thinking up, I'd love to give it a shot since I wanna learn how to record more.
Man, I didn't realise there was such a demand - I just sold 2 512Mb sticks on eBay that I would have glady put up for you lot... I occasionally get some when I help people upgrade their computer's and stuff, if I get any more I'll let y'all know.