Fuck I love Soilwork

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Apr 18, 2002
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Just finished listening to Chainheart Machine, and now blasting NBC. Fuck, the solos in Machinegun Majesty HAVE to be the greatest guitar solos EVER recorded in metal. I mean jeeezus IA played that shit with a vibrator :lol: I will go out on a limb and say that those solos even surpass that of anything Petrucci has done in a while. These guys rip...lol sorry I needed to get this out somewhere (all my freinds hate soilwork) :p The solo on the NBC title track is equally as ripping, in that "well produced get the most of a 8 bar solo kinda way".

I heard soilwork is terrible live though?

Anyways, anyone have any particular favorite riffs, solos, etc?

My favorite Soilwork riffs:

-Room no 99
-Machinegun Majesty
-Basiccly the last 4 tracks of APP hehe

I also think "Song of the Damned" is an incredible progressive metal song. Speeds clean vox on that song, and As We Speak are so damn awesome.

Hails to Soilwork, the ONLY melodic death metal band/Gothenburg band I like, hehe ;)
IA played that shit with a vibrator


beleive me you're not the only one that loves that band :p
i'm listening the A Predator's Portrait Cd right now.

As far as favorite riffs and solos these are my choices:

Chainheart Machine
Grand Failure Anthem
A Predator's Portrait
The Aardvark Trail
Steelbath Suicide

The Chainheart Machine again :p
Grand Failure Anthem
Machine Gun Majesty
The Analyst
Bastard Chain
A Predator's Portrait

a shit i better stop :lol:

i haven't heard any song by soilwork live so i can't tell you how good they are live but i highly doubt that Ola or Peter are as terrible as someone said on the In Flames board. I'll see if i can download some bootlegs or live mp3's and see how good they are :D
btw Thorns have you heard anything by Darkane? you are a fan of soilwork's guitar ability so i suggest you to check Darkane out


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I can't even listen to anything after chainheart machine... and even then i hardly ever put that on.

Steelbath Suicide was great,

DE- MON IN VAAAAAAAAAAINS you get the picture.

After that it gets poppier and poppier, more like in flames, and that's a bad thing.
Soilwork is a fine band.

So far I have "The Predetors Portrait" and "Natural Born Chaos" and there both great albums. I was really into NBC for a while but I lost some interest in it, don't get me wrong though its a nice record, I just prefer listening to Predetors Portrait now, it has a lot more replay value to me, but when I first bought it I didn't care for it and it just sort of grew on me over time and now I'm into it quite a bit. Predetors Portrait is a album that really moves and has some kick ass riffs, actually let me re-phrase that it has a lot of kick ass riffs;)
I had Steelbath Suicide and Chainheart Machine and was into them for a while, but then my interest kinda died off. When NBC came out, though, I was quite impressed. So, now I'm pretty much back into them. NBC is probably my favorite, but I love all of them.
I've downloaded 2 bootlegs a while, one was so bad (sounding) that i didn't even bother to listen to the whole thing. The other was decent sounding, the clean vocals did not come off very well. I think the 2 guitarists do backup vocals and it came off really bad sounding.

I love Machine Gun Majesty, Spirits of the Future Sun, Millionflame, Razorlives, Demon In Veins, The Aardvark Trail, Needlefeast, Shadowchild (both Versions, maybe the original moreso) A Predators Portrait, NBC, Song of the Damned, Follow the Hollow. I think that covers enough songs.
NBC is a great album, although Chainheart is probably my favorite CD. As for being terrible live, I have to disagree. I saw them with Hypocrisy live a few months back and was highly impressed.
yea i saw them too back in May. They were great. had a bit of sound problems but great none the less.

Favorite songs are Machine Gun Majesty, Chainheart Machine, Song of the Damned, The Flameout, and Like the Average Stalker.

The best solo has to be either Bulletbeast or Machine gun Majesty. Just amazing!
Saw them live last Monday, supporting for In Flames in Hamburg. They were really good, though In Flames totally kicked their asses.
They were alot better than Pain though (second support act...boooring).

I got some songs of A Predator's Portrait and plan on getting the album. Great band! :cool:
One of my very favourite bands. I haven't seen them live....I was going to see them this weekend in London but unfortunately I can't devote the time or money. I've downloaded and heard Steelbath Suicide, Millionflame and The Chainheart Machine live and they sound pretty true to the recorded material to me.
I was very into Soilwork. However, since seeing them live, my interest in them has kind of waned. They were fairly lame live, and that has kind of killed how I percieve much of their music. It's odd how a live performance can either positively or negatively influence the way you perceive a CD.

That's a damn shame. Bands should always be able to put on a good show. Otherwise, what's the point of touring? I may as well stay home and put on the CD instead.

Fav. riff: The Chainheart Machine.

I'm not all that into them, though. I find their songs predictable. By no means bad but barely anything truly spectacular.
Soilwork does rule. I need to hear The Chainheart Machine though. I do have APP and NBC. I like them both, but APP is a little better, certainly darker and less desperate - sounding (too harsh maybe?). Anyway they are both among my fav recent metal cds.