GMD SONG SURVIVOR: Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness

suffocation and i guess lord

Round 3 Result
'lord of all fevers and plague' is voted for by 70%, but we have a tie for second! both 'suffocation' and 'visions from the dark side' are eliminated with 40%!

Round 4 Tracklist
1) Immortal Rites
4) Maze of Torment
5) Chapel of Ghouls

vote for the ONE weakest link!

(gonna start a new one later tonight too...)

p.s. just noticed ITP's 'agreed' mightve been a serious vote which i missed, but whatever, dick who cried wolf and all that
I was struggling with whether to choose Suffocation or Visions in this round and wasn't able to decide, but it doesn't matter anyways. Maze of Torment is my least favorite of these three.