GMD SONG SURVIVOR: Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness

Nov 23, 2002
Round 1 Tracklist
1) Immortal Rites
2) Suffocation
3) Visions From the Dark Side
4) Maze of Torment
5) Chapel of Ghouls
6) Bleed for the Devil
7) Damnation
8) Blasphemy
9) Evil Spells
10) Lord of All Fevers and Plague

select the TWO weakest links!
it's technically a bonus track, albeit an established one at this point. wasn't on the original LP. i'm not really against including it if everyone wants me to though.
Yeah, but it's been included in just about every release of AoM. I'm almost sure my CD copy from 94 has it on there.

edit: ..... aaaaand i was wrong, track is not on there. I thought the original LP was the only version that didn't include that track ... i know the original CD from 89 definitely had that track on there.
Re-listening to this album since it's been like fucking years since I last listened to it. Old Florida death metal tends not to be on my listening playlist these days.

Edit-->After relistening to this, I'm not as impressed as I used to be with it. Great album, but I'd rather hear Blessed are the Sick.

Blasphemy and Evil Spells
Why are so many people voting for Blasphemy? It seems like some kind of meta joke, to voice such a blasphemous opinion?