God, I suck sooo much at guitar that...


I want to cut off my hand and quit it altogether

I've been playing for like six months, and I know like 3 chords, and a few notes. I still cannot even hold a power chord, let alone bar all of the strings. I can't do anything, and my hand is so unflexable. It is actually more unflexable than the average joe's jhand. You know how your hand goes on the guitar, well, I can actually do that properly, my wrist won't bend the right way.

And I don't know what the hell to do with a guitar. Where does the music come from, where does the metal come from. Like, I try and do things on the guitar, but it sounds like nothing, I try to make up solos, or I try to play higher notes, and they don't sound like anything at all. After six months I thought I might be able to play along to some simple nu-metal or punk music or something.

yeah... meh.
heheh... give it time :) Guitar starts to get REALLY fun once you start to figure everything out! i couldn't solo until... well a year ago or so, and i've been playing 5 years. And once you get your hands used to certain positions is gets easy... you'll have Nu Metal and Punk down in a snap!
I'll be a vocalist anyway... well, a black metal vocalist.

I really must record me doin some rasping or whatever.. But it is difficult, I don't want the neighbors to call the police.

I might record some.

Enslaved's new album has inspired me..

I think my voice is probably closest to the vocalist in enslaved, except add a nasal like crapness to it, and that's me.

But when I record stuff, it reall freaks fiona out.
if you don't have a guitar teacher then GET A FREAKING GUITAR TEACHER...don't think that you can learn by yourself

as for where the metal comes from, you'll need a distortion pedal, it is a must in all metal, punk and rock
My teacher tries not to show it, but he is frustrated and sick of just how shit i am.

I have a pedal, well, a friends pedal anyway.


i dunno, i just suck, just like i did with the other ten thousand instruments i tried and failed to play. Ten thousand instruments being two of course, piano and saxaphone.

My hadns and fingers are so retarded, and it is so painful... bleh.
Gotta give it time. Just practice, Practice. I've been playing for almost 8 years, but it took about 4 or 5 for me to start kicking ass.
I've been playing for almost 5 years, and I'm still kinda shitty. I can't solo at all, and I was better when I was in a band..

it's just persistence and desire to succeed.. I no longer have the need, so my talent has wasted away like so much crystalized honey..

wtf? :loco:
i've been playing for about 4 months and i totally reek ....hell only thing i know how to play is the intro part of DT's "Hollow Years", and some other simple stuff .....hell i can't even do any sort of picking!!! i don't even use a pick (too hard) .....hmm ...it may be cuz i'm left handed and i'm playing a righty ....my right hand is a dumbass on it's own! i feel like giving up too man .....but don't aggrevate yourself too much ....keep playing for fun if not anything else, and don't expect to be fucken yngwie malmsteen in about 2 months! perfection takes time and practice.....
I've been playing for like six months, and I know like 3 chords, and a few notes

I've been playing for 12 years... It takes a long time man... a long time. How hard do you work at playing?
I've been playing like four years. I still can't do that much, but I can do a lot. I can play some Mercyful Fate stuff, so I'm proud of myself. And yes, it takes a long time. I'm like a master of power chords now. :)
Don't be too hard on yourself man. 6 months isn't long enough unless you're a gifted prodigy. I started playing at a pretty young age and did the lessons/theory and all that bullshit, but unless you want to actually play particular styles/songs/solos I wouldn't waste your money on lessons. Fuck that!! Make your own style, come up with your own tunings and chords and patterns. The guitar is such a unique instrument that this approach will work for you in time.
Of course there's the typical argument that you must first learn the rules before you break them and this holds true for alot of things but like I said, the guitar is so unique and diverse that I feel you shouldn't confine yourself to a certain way of thinking/playing.

But then again I've gotten back into drumming so what the fuck do I know?:lol:
Music comes from the heart, you just have to learn to hear it.

Ultimately you should learn how to play guitar well enough to transform your thought onto the fingerboard... And guess what, maybe few have mastered it, but all are far from perfection.

Playing guitar is a life-long experience, either you're in, or out.

Kush, just get into a routine, have a guitar that you can easily pick up whenever your just sitting around. When your watching TV just strum some shit and dont even worry about what your playing. When your listening to music play along and make a complete idiot of yourself, it all helps.

30 minutes a week will get you nowhere.
But if you start playing an hour or 2 a day for a month or so youll definitely notice the difference.
I have my accoustic and electric in the room with me, with my friends amp, and my other friends pedal....
Are you playing NOW???
If not, why not?