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In the past few days, our wonderful Webmaster has updated our site, changed the design, and added a few more goodies. The links to the song downloads have been fixed, so all the downloads work now, and we are sorry that this inconvenience has only been fixed.

In addition to the original site, we have a new interviews, reviews and images section, with a few more ideas in mind. If anyone would like to submit reviews of any of the four albums, we'd be real grateful, and we love hearing from you, so contact us, or post your reviews in this thread. Additionally, if you have suggestions/complaints about this layout/concept, please email us at the adress given below.


As you could probably guess, we are currently preparing and recording for our new album, and we can heartfully say it is going better than we had expected. So far, we can tell it's going to turn our more musical, crazier, more extreme than anything we've ever created, and that's not just a boast! Every song will be different and unique to eachother, which is starting to show as our trademark. Already, we've got some great guest musicians to assist in the madness. We're looking forward to our Number Five, and we hope you are too! The title of the album will be "Underwater Adventure".

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Hopefully, we will include some sort of media concerning the single 'Emodene', off the upcoming album. Details are still being discussed, but, as the first ever Hammering Moss single release it will be a special one, including rare video footage and other never-before-seen goodies.

Expect some more insightful news regarding this matter shortly, and hopefully not long after that, the official release of the single. In that event, you're all invited to the release party. The only problem is, there isn't going to be one. Figure it out.

Also, a demo version of 'Trauma' and 'The Gate' may soon appear off Neon Paradigm's still-in-the-works debut album, 'Progeny'. We're looking forward to these recordings as well as a few short instrumental pieces.

Human Death, inc.
Sven Ichebod.
Oh also..

To everyone,, I think all the Pleng Downloads are now working, so please check out the Pleng album if you haven't yet...


Cover by Hannu Mamuten

Also: Recording is well underway.. We've got music coming out of our asses.. It's going to be huge. 3 songs complete with another 2 or 3 in the making. Hopefully we'll be releasing it before spring... (well, Autumn or Fall for you stupid faggots on the wrong side of the fucking planet...)
your Impulse Tracker stuff!? Any new material or just a collection of your old songs?

That cover is cool :)