Hammering Moss my band. Site is up.


My band hammering moss is going to be recording a few new songs soon, once I move into my new house, without whinging parents.

What? You haven't heard of Hammering moss? Hammering Moss is my band with a few friends. Our epic songs are mainly influenced by our sorrounds and conflicts in our lives. Riviting guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, diversity, tecdhnology and a little pinch of cheekiness combine to bring you Hammering Moss.

Please visit our site, which has been updated by a great friend, who's alias in these forums I have forgotten the name, but he created this site.

So without further adue, I present Hammering Moss.

My GOD!!!

O me! O my!!

I have searched all my life, all my life for your kind of epic and riveting sounds!!!

But alas, I had searched in vain, in vain--- alas alas!!!

But then I found you......your music, your brand of genius!!!

I take my shot of vodka and toast to you my friend, you and only you, for you have changed my life, my LIFE!!! FOR LIFE!!!!!! :cry:

Thank you Kushtaidan and thank you Hammering Moss forever, and ever (many whispers of love and thanks and thanks and love forever!!)


np: Hammering Moss: Hammering Moss
Hah my name is Sullen Jester, don't forget else I will cry.

Although it may soil the site, I may add a link to a page where I will include songs that Syndrome [X] - my friend and I - have recorded. Maybe.


Ugh...was that Beavis & Butthead impersonations on Eeee? :p I think you guys will go far. Yep. U-huh. For sure. :err:

Here. This is just about as good. "Life's a garden. Dig it?" -Joe Dirt

Now, you tell me. What's worse? The joke or the link. :D

:confused: :lol: :p :) <---------- my current emotions

Plus I'm dizzy but thats not an emotion and is caused be me NOT taking my prescribed medication.



The site has been UPDATED!!!


an organic journey into our private lives, Esto Perpetua is a completely different musical style. More technical playing, yet more unpredictable....

Also, third album "the pleng collection: Distorded Dreams (Freak Accident?) is coming soon. A deathly distorted tormented nightmare converted into sound. No humour here, just pure aggresion.

And soon, we will be recording a FULL LENGTH ALBUM, combining hunour and our musical talents including 5 string bass, guitars and me screaming my heart out, and maybe penguins, alfredo and other wonderful things..

Our forth, yet untitled album will be released to the public Jan 2002. look forward to it!!!!

The site again::