Hammering Moss: Pleng Collection! New album released to public!


The long awiated album: The Pleng Collection: Distorted Dreams (Freak Accident?) has finally been released to the public...

Heavy distorted aggresive sounds designed to move and disturb, this album is our most experimental, and maybe a bit hard to listen to. So brace yourself.

You can listen to Hammering Moss here:


PS: The file Pleng4 may or may not work. My webhost assures me that it does work, yet it doesn't work for me. So just give a try, and let me know whether the download works or not.


Also, the band has reassembled, and we begin recording the new FULL LENGTH album tommorow.

Yes, I have assured him the file works.
I've downloading it (I had earlier uploaded it to my GeoCities site, but GC may not allow this.) several times, but please inform me/us if you have errors attempting to download this.

In future, I hope to set up a FTP site, where all the musicians/quasi-musicians of the Opeth UBB can share music they have made. BUT I have a bad cable ISP, and my send speed is limited to 16kb (Translation: 6 on a good day)

We have recorded our first track.

"Don't put your eye on a candle... flame"

I give this advice from my own personal exoeriences a few hours ago.

I won't give anything away about the track, only, once again, it's different.

Also, keep checking back at the site, for the latest news.

And, with support, we are considering a Reviews section!

So, if enough reviews are submitted, good and horrible, we'll put them up with permission.

Look forward to it!