New Hammering Moss Cover Competition!!!

Oks, here's my work...

As I saod, had no time to finish it... so, if you like it and want it, I could put more work into it.

here's the link

** = tt [change the stars at the beginning of the URL to "tt"]

Tell me what you [everyoe] thinks.
Originally posted by YaYoGakk
my process tends to be start with something random and continually change/add-to it till i finish up with something completely different. My inspiriation comes during the process. Working towards a goal/style i cant do so well.

Actually, all of the same applies to me, with only a couple exceptions of client work (UM splash page). Everything else, especially all of the stuff I just "do" is totally experimental, and it often ends up getting used for something.

As for working towards a style, that I can do, but my range of styles is kinda limited. There's the "what my photos look like style", the "commercialy multimedia-flashy stuff style", and... hmmm...

I get prints for scanning tomorrow of 12 new pictures. MOST excited... (still plotting)
I = speechless...

You are currently in the lead my friend.

Would it be possible for you to get it into a square format somehow?

It's an amazing picture... I love it.

I sure can... I'll do that as soon as I get home... at college right now.
BUMP!@!!! :)

The New Album is READY.

It is hosted, and READY FOR you to download.

All we need is a few more covers to choose from. I've seen some great covers, some of which I will be using in the futur. But we need a DUSK cover!

The album will have 14 mind bending tracks. Our most diverse and challenging work yet.

The site where you can download the songs will be put up either tomorrow or the next day, if all goes well.

In the meantime, check out our current crappy site, and test your luck and see if you can download any of our earlier albums: Hammering Moss, Esto Perpetua and Pleng.

Thnk you.

We also have a Video, but we need a way to host it.

ive given up on a dusk cover sorry, my talents died.

but if you want i could upload the previous cover i did in photoshop format so that if you ever want to use it in future you can easily change the text or colours or whatever you want.
Hello all, allow me to introduce myself. I am the third member of Hammering Moss and my name is Chris.

It is my great honour to announce that the long wait for our new album "Dusk" will soon be over. We have completed 14 tracks and uploaded them. Our Web Master assures us that the site will be operational by tommorow, this included fixing the dead links of our last 3 albums.

Here is the official track list for Dusk:
1. Intro
2. Beneath The World
3. When A Man Loves A Woman... (Beachball Mix)
4. Ye who he sought the gauntlet of white facial tissues in times and valleys of truth and despair, destiny and danger. The ways of the wizards and wandering wisemen.
5. wtf
6. Bird & Cat
7. Diggin' For Dog-Damn-It Gold
8. Beep
9. Shut Up Fiona
10. bnvbvvbbv
11. Dog Abuse
12. Tsk Tsk
13. Old Man
14. Guitar Weerw

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Remember, the cover competition is still running so don't miss you're chance to win a great prize!!!?