Hammering Moss: New Album Begin Recording Now


We have begun recording the new Hammering Moss, over a 4 week period culminating with the guest appearance of Mikey Smith in person at the end of April.

The working title of the album is A The Sandwiches (pronounced uh-tha-sandwiches) and so far we have no idea where it's gonna take us. But our lack of planning is one of the driving forces in our spontaneous style of music.
Again, we will be looking to talented members of the UM board to take part in our high standard of album artwork.
We will be also totally revamping our site, and will find a much more suitable host for our music.. Sadly a lot of new fans have missed out on some of our music because we suck at finding good places to host our music..
So far, again, only an online release is planned. But if a couple of thousands of pennies fall from the sky, and the recording goes a million times better than planned, we may consider officially pressing copies of the album for sale. Or we may do a larger scale homemade CD-R distribution. But that's a long way off. Send me cakes.