HardTo Read Band Logos

My deal is that a logo is like brand-imaging, right. i mean it's a way for the fans to bond with the band. the reason why risquit drew the maiden logo thousands of times is because the logo itself is very appealing, it supports the music. How many school benches have you seen with one of those BM logos (maybe i haven't been to a school in a while, but still)? the logo spreads the word, etc etc etc. i feel that a legible logo is (one of many) an important thing when you're in the business of producing and publishing music.

As soundave said before: And, the logos say, "Fuck you, we don't need you. If you don't get it, we're not for you.."
These bands don't care about getting recognized on a world wide medial basis, if they cared then they wouldn't be playing BM or wouldn't have a logo like that. If they want a logo like that, it's their choice. Like it or not! I do respect the integrity in the thought process, and also enjoy aesthetically many of the logos displayed in this thread.
Ever have any luck drawing Maiden's Eddie? I could do his head and hair but not his face.

Man, I tried. I remember long car rides spent trying to draw Eddie. Especially the cover of Piece of Mind. Loved the holloe eye sockets with the glowing light inside. Mine were okay for my age I suppose. :) Good memories!