HardTo Read Band Logos

Blackwater Demon

Using Cold Words
Mar 30, 2008
Under The Weaping Moon
who is getting tired of all these stupid band logos and how it is so hard to read what they say? I was on the Jaxx nightlub website and there wasquite a few bands that had their logos so fucked up they were unreadable. It seems to me that is bad for them because if no one can read what they say how are they supposed to promote themselves?
Waking The Cadaver's logo is rather ridiculous

Is any one actually able to draw over and highlight the letters of the bands name in the above logo, i'm failing to see how it spells anything lol.
I've just made an interesting discovery; apparently there's a hidden message in this logo! I'm guessing it was deliberately put there by the band as a bit of advice to anyone trying to decipher it: