Help Wanted!!


Apr 12, 2001
Ok, im asking here first before I go else where. I need some people to help me update the Maiden Downunder web site.

* Firstly I need two people to help update the news. Most of my updates are site updates, but I would like to get more news from around the web. Once I find the people to help me with this i'll explain what I want.

* Secondly I need a couple of people to help do more frequent Newsletters. Phlogy would you like to head up the newsletter again? Other contributors would need to have a bit of a flare for writing. I'll want about three people for the newsletter.

I would like to make Maiden Downunder one of the biggest Iron Maiden sites. It gets an average of 80 individual hits and 200 page hits a day (Usually doubled or trippled when I update it).

I don't have to say its for volunteers. No financial gains unfortunatly.

Do you need people who know how to do websites etc? As I dont know how to do ANYTHING like that, but i can always leave you a message on icq when i see maiden related news on the web with the site it came from?
Crossy, I'll do the newsletter thing again if you want. Assuming that I'll get contributions from the field this time, of course. *cough*Wrath*cough*

Depending on what you want, I'll help with the site updates as well. I'll make it a point to get on ICQ in the next few nights, and we'll chat.

(Btw - that reminds me...Anyone have me in their ICQ list? Can you tell me what my number is. I lost it during a recent reinstall).
It's 666 the number of the Phloggy... lol

I need a life :)

Hey you know I'll help, always do. Phloggy make an arranged time for chat next week and I'll make sure I am on (one night? - not sunday though... busy!)

Spawn : I use an online program called Blogger to update the news. You don't have to know much to get it working. I can do a tutorial anyway.

Phloggy : Sounds good. Hopefully we can get this off the ground this time. Also i'll let you know how to add news. Im going to have to work out what I want posted first.

Los4 : Welcome back :)

Email me at and we can work out a time to meet online.

I love deadlines. They make a nice wooshing sound as they go by.

And I think the average word length is 5-6 characters. (Everybody hates a smartarse :) )

But the longer you make, the more pages it can be spread over, so it can look like more work was done. It can be a bumper issue! One article 127 pages!!! (See above parenthesis)

But seriously folks, whatever you feel like will be a great improvement over what we got last time.

We also need NOTB reviewed! (Mark, Los4 and Crossy - I still have yours somewhere (I think)) C'mon people! Contribute!

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