Hey I back!


Holy to the Gods
Feb 8, 2006
Hey I see that you guys went over to Europe... thats awesome. I havent had the chance to be on I actually had a son not too long ago, he is now 5 Months old. I havent had the chance to check out the new CD that you guys put out... I got the EP that you sent me a long time ago and am still listening to it... I dont have a computer on my own, when I used to write I lived with my mom, and well she kicked me out when I was 16, so I kind of had to fend for myself.

All in all I look forward to hearing the new stuff that you guys have put out. I dont really have any money right now to actually buy it because Im hurting for money right now, but when I can get headphones I will definatly listen to the demo on your website.

Also... even though I dont have a computer well... at least a good one, and one that will hook up to the internet, I wanted to offer you the chance to make a music video for one of your songs, that is if you havent already. Of course I want to help you guys out and it would be free of charge of course!

I am going to school for broadcasting, and Video Editing, so I plan to be a Video Editor... I have editing equipment, and knowledge of allot of the aspects it takes to make a great video.

So If you havent done it already and would like to try it for free, and if your ever up in Michigan... I would LOVE to get with you guys and try to get us something made.

Oh and if you were wondering... My cousin has a camera called a Sony VX 2000 .. you can google it... I used to work with those cameras in highschool. I can always get a few from him to do a shoot if you would want to do something like that... Of Course I know that your busy and a road trip most likely doesnt sound all that fun now... but we could always keep the idea in our heads, and we can keep in touch about the Idea. Im going to try and be around allot more often to check up on things, and try and help out even more.

I would give you my cell number... but I dont really want to bother you with that unless you actually want it.

And another quick thing, where is it that I can get a Copy of The Coming of the Tempest... other than your site? Right now moneys a problem for me so I would have to wait for it... but I can settle listening to the EP for a while.. XD

Thanks for the time, and Ill talk to you guys soon