Unfortunatley I had to ditch the band. It wasn't working out. Musically it was fine, which is usually the reason bands seperate, but one of the guys always brought his 9 year-old daughter. At first I didn't mind because my 3 year-old daughter hangs around and dances and stuff while we were playing, but this girl was way out of control: running all over the place, breaking my daughters toys, running over my daughters foot wiht her tricycle, never cleaning up when it was time to go, etc. I just couldn't concentrate when we would try to practice. I was always worried if everything was ok.

Well, I'll just keep looking. I've been in enough bands to know that it's very hard to get a group to stay together for very long.
Yea it's a shame Sapper, but it's always something like that isn't it?

I was in a band with a singer who would bring his girlfriends along every single practice. I wouldn't mind every now and then, but every time! He'd show up late, not know the songs, then his girl would start bitchin and he'd leave. One time he brought a girl and then said after a half hour or so that they had to leave because she's allergic to dogs (our guitar player had a dog). He and I almost came to blows because he knew there would be a dog there so it was just a bullshit excuse. Guys like that just don't realize how badly they're wasting your time.

Good luck finding another project! :)