Hi all new here!


Raven & Blood
Oct 3, 2001
the dark winter
I'm kinda new to opeth bought my first Opeth album Still Life about 2 months ago i think...And then i bought Orchid and now recently i bought Blackwater Park...Still life is my fav though, face of melinda was the first opeth song i heard i thought it was okay then. After much talk about how good still life is i decided to buy it. So when i bought it and listened through it few times i thought it was okay and Face of Melinda was my fav song and still is my fav song i just love the riffs now its my fav Opeth album...Now i want to buy morningrise and my arms,your hearse but the store where i go to usually doesn't have em well at least not when i'm around. Anyway i have checked this board out for some time now and find the ppl nice here so i thought i'd register and see how it goes...thats a bit about me :err:
I only posted at Katatonia's board before, so I'm rather new here, too. Oh well, perhaps it doesn't matter :D
Welcome :)