So, how'd you react to your first listening experience with Opeth?


Nov 8, 2006
Sitting here pondering things while listening to opeth and being totally fuckin stoned off my face, I devised to come up with a topic of interest. What was your reaction to your first opeth listen?

I was sitting down fucked up doing some "****** one night 4 years ago and he started the song blackwater park, and then he made me listen to A fair judgment. I couldn't believe the ridiculous talent these guys had, and I already had a distinct taste in music so I bought Morningrise, My arms, Your hearse and blackwater park (should of gotten still life then too, didn't know and didn't have enough money :() then the rest was history :)
probably 4 years ago... i wasnt into metal at all back then, so i didnt know what to say... took me about a month to memorize almost every song :)
I bought Deliverance on a whim. Good advertising, I guess (two stickers on the front of the album: One claimed Opeth to be "Metal's most brilliant band". The second indicated that the album contained "65 minutes of masterpiece" or something to that effect.) When I flipped the disc over and noticed that the 65 minutes spanned only six songs, I was intrigued even further and I made the purchase. I got home, eagerly anticipating this... and was completely disappointed.

A short while later, I heard Harvest and LOVED it. Then I heard Demon of the Fall and love it, as well. Pretty soon I had Damnation and MAYH, and loved them. Then I remembered having purchased Deliverance awhile back... gave it a second listen... and fell in love with it too.
The first Opeth song I heard was Windowpane when I borrowed Damnation from a friend. I liked it, but I wanted to hear the metal side of Opeth, so I bought Orchid, not knowing any of Opeth's other records. I was somewhat disappointed with the album, as it isn't their most accessible album (I have since grown to like it more) and later bought Blackwater Park and Stil Life and I've loved them ever since.
I first heard the song "Deliverance." At first, I thought they were a pretty good Death Metal band, then it reached the calm part of the song. I found it amazing that a band could do calm sounding music, mixed with heavy music. Then I started listening to all of their songs and immediately fell in love.
I heard the damnation record, then after reading reviews blackwater park seemed like the next logical step after.

So i got about a min through TLA and im like " oh god wtf did i get into" Aside from My Dying Bride i had never listened to growling such like that. But i continued listening and loved the mellow parts so much. I remember going to sleep that night with a smile seemingly finding a one of a kind amazing band.

and say the rest is history.

no NEW bands have given me that same experiance and feeling again.
me, the first opeth song i listen to was Circle of the Tyrnats, which I had no idea was a cover song. It was alrite, nice feel to it. But then I listened to Blackwater Park, which then became an amazing inspiration of the arts, and then I just knew that Opeth was the shit. And just like cheech says, I also got amazing comments from their albums.
I downloaded Blackwater Park album, after seeing "Opeth" every now and then on the web, and I loved the sound. I bought the album, and listened to it for a year or two, and finally decided to buy the others, after seeing them live (best show ever seen).
i love when i see people say how they hated the growls at first, i was the opposite, for me i first heard credence and some other clean song and i hated it "WTF??? this isnt metal", and i had a pretty bad opinion of them until someone pointed out that there were heavier songs a few monthes later
The first time I heard it, I wasn't too fond of it. They may have been because my mate despises them (shame on him!) and it would have been too much a guilty pleasure. It's taken me about a year to actually get fully into them, now I can understand their music on a deeper level, and where they're coming from, I love them now.
about 4-5 years ago when I was 12 my brother brought home MR and i would only listen to BRI, I loved everything but the singing.
Downloaded the song Blackwater Park and thought: "sigh, another band waste their talent on growling". Then I heard the acoustic guitar. Then I became a fan. Now I don't think they could do without the growling. How ironic.
The Drapery Falls on lamentations.

After hearing the main riff, it was then that I realized how much time I wasted listning to shit music.

Immediately bought the DVD followed shortly by the albums.
instant orgasm

same here, sis!:kickass: I saw them live on Dutch TV at Lowlands. Didnt know then who they were, just saw 4 guys in black with waving long hair producing so very dark riffs. the entire stage was covered in blue light. truly, it was a sight to behold! I just stared in total awe and the music just swept me away. my then b/f told me that that was Opeth and he had two albums. I never stopped listening since that day. It was love at first sight and hear, basically. strangely enough I knew their name and while listening to Still Life I recognise a few songs... strange indeed, eh?
Probably 3-4 years ago. If I remember right the first song I heard was Blackwater Park. I thought that it was kinda extreme and fascinating as it was so long for a death metal track and also had acoustic guitars in it. It was exciting but I still didn't feel like "I have to hear some more of this!"
Then one of my friend made me listen to couple of Opeth albums. I don't remember which ones first. Probably Deliverance and Blackwater Park. At first I just liked songs like Bleak and Deliverance. Didn't have to listen the albums too many times before I liked them more than almost anything else.