Your first Opeth experience?


Oct 25, 2002
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What was your first Opeth experience?

When I first heard Opeth, I thought they were this alternative extreme grind-ish band. Albeit, at that time I didn't know what the hell was Death-Metal. Anyway, I got BWP and I've been hooked ever since...:D
Blackwater Park got me into them...
I loved the mellow parts...I hated the heavy parts, pretty obvicious since I was alot into Rhapsody.
i found Blackwater Park at a used store back in January. I heard they were good, so i thought i'd get the album. i didn't even hear a single second of their music before. basically, after The Leper Affinity finished, i was hooked! :D and i LOVED Bleak and The Drapery Falls (i still do)
heheh... i think that this subject has been discussed before, with the same name too..

i downloaded "to bid you farewell", and then went "FUCK"
I bought Still Life in 1999 but didn't like it because of the growls. Then it collected a lot of dust until I gave it another try over one year later, and then another one and another one....and then bought the other 4! :)
Some guy on the Metallica Message Board recommended Opeth and said "they make Metallica look like poison".

I downloaded Under The Weeping Moon. I was blown away, since it had all I ever looked for in my music: Epic length, great atmosphere, acoustics and what not... I even liked the growls, which had never been the case before (okay; I had only heard that guy from At The Gates and some other screaming BS before).

I d/led some other songs and decided to get all Opeth albums. :D
First I only found Still Life and Blackwater Park, then I ordered the rest via Disczone (it took them six weeks to deliver!).

That's it.
BWP was the first album I got... I wasn't much into the growls at first, but it grew on me... now I just love it! Because the way the muisc and vocals fit together and just how... well done and fuckin brilliant it all is... it was just exactly what I had been looking for, I just didn't know it.
I was joining up with a local band and after the audition and I was a full member we talked about covers and they wanted me to learn Face of Melinda. That was my first opeth experience and learning that whole song was a bitch. I never gave them thier still life cd back muhaha.
Originally posted by Katatonic289
heheh... i think that this subject has been discussed before, with the same name too..

i downloaded "to bid you farewell", and then went "FUCK"

If this thread has already been discussed then I apologize. I am relatively new to this board.
I also remember commenting this before. I bought a Swedish magazine called Close Up in the summer of 1996 because it had an interview with Type O Negative. It also had a cd and "Nectar" was on it. I liked it very much, but stopped listening to metal around a half year later, so I never got my hands on "Morningrise". I started listening to metal again a couple of years ago. When "Blackwater park" came out I bought the LP right away and have since then bought all the other vinyl versions (though I'm still waiting for "Still life". Don't know what the fuck is going on!).
well, in 1999 I heard that My Dying Bride were huge Opeth fans and vice versa, so I bought Still Life when it came out in autumn of that year. I loved it...but it took me a year until I bought the other 4 albums - that was when the re-leases came out.
I bought MAYH in a store in St. Louis, MO while on vacation with my family. I'd seen it on the Candlelight website, which bigged Opeth up quite a bit. Gave it a quick listen and liked it enough to take it home ($10.99 USD :D). That night, I gave it a thorough listen and have never looked back.

Don't know if I'll ever stop liking Opeth.. (but I've said that before - though 'tis a shame.)
my very very first opeth 'experience' was when TheLedTool here told me to download "patterns in the ivy" about 11 months ago. He told me it was a death metal band, and I listened to it and thought it was nothing special at all. I listened to it a few times and thought it was pretty cool for a short little instrumental, so I tried to download 'to bid you farewell' - I can vaugely remember trying to look for it on the old version of winMX. It took me like 2 weeks to download it, like 10% of the song every few days. then i downloaded Harvest. (didnt like any metal at the time) and I read so many good reviews on, I decided to get morningrise first, then bwp the next month. then blah blah blah. :)