Your first Opeth experience?

Someone randomly linked in IRC, so I went and got some samples out of boredom. The first I heard was a poor-quality, short Advent clip. I mentioned liking it and the guy sent Morningrise to me. Later I found some stuff from the next two on Napster, and that pushed me over the "yeah, I should start buying these" line.
I heard Morningrise. I remember sitting patiently and listening to the album but I have to admit it bored me. I wasn't used to that kind of long songs with a lot of atmosphere. Then my friends recommended me MA,YH and Still Life and I picked up SL and began to listen. Again, it didn't click with me immediately but I began to see the gift in the band. I listened to SL and MA,YH for months and months. Then I got back to Morningrise and also picked up Orchid. Then BWP was released and I bought it only to find out that it was quite in the vein of SL. I still feel SL is Opeth's best album by far, but I like all the albums.

NP: Pentagram - Bir
Uhm. I spent the night 2/1 -00 at a friend talking with a girl there all night long. Alot of emotional stuff all night and then fell a sleep beside each other. The soundtrack to that experience was Still Life. I bought as soon as I found it in my hometown. But then I couldn't listen to it 'cause of the memories. A year later I tried it on and it's stuck since.
I got into Opeth because they have a song called "Face of Melinda", and that was the name of my ex-fiance, so I downloaded it and loved it. I immediately bought all of their albums after that. They knocked Dark Tranquillity into second place in my mind.