I am no longer posting here...feel sick to my stomache.

Feel really sorry to see you leave. And as one of those who have raised "anti-American" opinions I feel somewhat guilty. However, if you can't hear the truth, the best option for you is to leave...

Could we change "Mikael is God" for you? We would gain an intelligent American for a dumbass American (who really just enforces the anti-American feelings on any intelligent being).

-Villain (now joking with serious things)
Man, all that you wrote touches. I hope you will read answers to your last thread. I respect your point and I'm on your side, though I'm not American.
And I still remember, when you upholded me when I wrote that I don't give a fuck about my view for "normal" people:). Farewell, though I sincerely hope that you'll change your decision.