I hate blizzards.


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Nov 24, 2002
I had a fun spring break, even though I don't really have a spring break since I am not in school. But my friends are younger than me and they were on spring break so I took some time off and went to Wyoming with them. Yeah, kind of a weird place for spring break, but that is how things work out sometimes. We were going to stay in one of my sister's two hotels, but they were both full so we stayed in her basement instead. We still got to use the pool and spa at the one hotel though, it was just less convinient because we had to drive there. There was this cool town called Thermopolis 32 miles away that had all these hot springs pools. So we went there and went down the water slide, jumped off the high dive, sat in the spas and wrestled in the pools. That was a ton of fun. My friends are so beautiful. I had a blast with them. I got really sick of cold weather and snow though, that was for sure. It was funny how many super small towns Wyoming had. Almost every town had less than 300 people and some only had 10. How crazy is that? Interstate 80 got closed on us on the way back, but luckily another route was still open just a few miles away so it was all good.
Dude, a few years ago, my ex fiance and I were going to spend our Thanksgiving with my father and his girlfriend out in Michigan. I live in New Hampshire, so you can guess how long of a drive that is.

Anyway, we got to about Buffalo New York and were stuck in a blizzard. Luckily, we had pulled into one of those Burger King stops on the New York Throughway, because almost as soon as we did, traffic on the highway ceased to move. There was some fukin bread truck on the highway. When we woke up 6 or so hours later, it was still there. Along with a shitload of other vehicles.

We ended up not completing our journey and went home after traffic started moving again. What a pain in the ass.

I can only imagine how bad is was for people on the highway. Especially if they had kids. That aspect makes me want to kill myself, lol. The horror.
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Misanthrope said:
So you think im funny? because i didnt think i was, i was just trying to change the topic.

I didn't say I thought you were funny but if it makes you feel any better about your futile existence then you may proceed to illusion yourself. :)