I hate Melbourne


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Apr 15, 2001
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I was just about to post another thread about that JB HiFi store in Brisbane (conveniently located where I catch the bus to Uni) and how Tokyo Warhearts is only $26, but noooooooo Melbourne already has about 5 JB HiFi stores and have had them for a few years. So to all you Melbournites, I fart in your general direction :D It's not enough that you already had 3 KISS gigs?

Ah well. If you can't beat em, join em....

I too fart in the direction of all you Melbournites... mainly because of your dodgey pedestrian crossings at traffic lights and for your over-abundance of 711's (although they do mighty fine lime squishies :) )
You mean walking when the little man is green? Yeah, I can see how that could get confusing.

'Course, I haven't been to Perth, so I can't compare. Maybe over there a little green man means "safe to cross" rather than "Not so dangerous, but keep looking when you cross and get prepared to skedadle when a colour blind idiot runs the light"

But I have been to Brisbane, but it was a Sunday so I was the only one there.
Of all the cities I have been to throughout the world, none compare to Brisbane for pure lubbliness! :)

Brisbane kicks arse, there's no denying it. Although I'm sure you uppity southerners will take offence to it ;)
But Sydney has utopia, KING of the metal stores of Australia!
I think I keep them in business with all the cds i buy from them, im paying for at least a few of the employees wages every fortnight anyway!
Lucky i have no life, thus can afford to keep buying cds :D

I like brisbane, I lived there for 4 years when i was in high school, but it was too hot all the time, other than that, its great! The people in sydney are real wankers (besides the folks on this board who live here of course :) ), everyones much nicer up there!
I lived at 14 Thistlerow st, Shailer Park :)

I think its near loganholme or logan city (its logan something or other) and they had a big shopping centre called the.....wait for it.....the "hyperdome", gotta love that :D
I hope its still there, its such a cool sounding name when you are 14 :)
Yeah Brisbanes a nice and quiet city, people dont even knock you over or hit you with their vehicles!

(The warzone we call Sydney is quite different, if you are with a group and someone gets knocked over in the crowd, cries of "forget him, hes gone, we cant help him now! We gotta keep moving!" happen :D
Its like that bit in aliens when they first meet the aliens and ripley has to drive the vehicle in to get them out, of course i might be exaggerating, but only a little :) )

Happy coops???
Originally posted by Cooperman

We rule so much we had to build the city thousands of miles away from all other cities so we couldn't be contaminated by the suckyness of them :p

No, we forced you out that far cos you all pong so much :p
Personally, I really hate Sydney. It's easy to get TO, but you just try getting AWAY from it. One way streets all running into one another so you end up going in circles, tiny, tiny, tiny little roads that are supposed to be able handle three lanes of traffic in both directions, signposts AFTER intersections (as in, "If you want to go to X, you should have turned left at the last intersection"), suicidal drivers, selfish drivers, pollution, general unidentified smells, the people (as in the crowds generally, not the individual people, I think Spawny was quite accurate, except that he missed out that they actually trip you so they get more room)... just everything. I hate it.

It's one of two places in Australia that I really hate. The second being Tasmania as a whole (or should that be hole?)
Most people in the actual city of Sydney are jerks .... bad drivers, stinky people, ugly people, the list goes on. I put up with them most of the time though, but only for a little place called Utopia. :)
Going back to Kemmy's original post, I bought "Tokyo Warhearts" ages ago (last year?) at Skinny's, and it just plain rocks. Great album! I too saw it at JB today for $26 or $27, and I wasn't too impressed. Then I realised that I couldn't rightly remember how much I originally paid for it, so I didn't mind as much.

I'll be going to JB every day from now on, probably. Went today and surprisingly didn't buy anything - tomorrow's payday, though, so things could change. I don't like buying things during my lunch break, though, because people at work will invariably see me with my shopping bag and ask me what I bought.

"Well, I bought this Children of Bodom album, and this In Flames CD - oh, and don't forget these releases from Dimmu Borgir." I don't want to have to explain to people who these bands are, so I have to be very stealthy when returning to my workstation.

Oh, and Brisbane is growing on me. Not a bad little town, actually!