Motley Crue in Melbourne

That's no good - but probably won't notice it at the Entertainment Centre anyway.

Either way - I am expecting a mighty good gig!
ah pretty much all the songs in the 2nd set, the first set didn't have them. But songs like Girls Girls Girls, Wild Side, Dr Feelgood, Same Ol Situation, Home Sweet Home & Kickstart My Heart were definitely "assisted" by tapes.

I could also clearly hear a rhythm guitar as well as Nikki's bass under Mick's whammy hits in the intro of Dr Feelgood, and at the end of Kickstart My Heart when Nikki took his bass off to smash and Mick is just thumpin out a few chords... A chord played with Tommy smashing his cymbals and stuff, but Mick forgot to strum it! He just just standing there with his hands doing nothing, but a chord suddenly rang out! Busted! I also noticed early in the show in the main riff in Louder Than Hell when he was playing with his fretting hand over the fretboard that the riff was sounding perfect but his hands werent getting to some of the right spots in time... I was confused and wondering how it didnt look right at the time, but then when I saw that Dr Feelgood intro and heard a 2nd guitar, it all made sense!
Anyone know if cameras would be allowed to the Adelaide gig?

Just curious to know if we can bring the KODAK Z740 along :D
They played Sick Love Song in Brisbane.

They were saying over the loudspeaker thing before the show that no cameras of any kind would be allowed. Normally they just say no video cameras and no professional cameras (with the big lens and stuff).
hahaha, she rang up the radio station once and they sang that to her (for some competition)

anywho, turns out we weren't allowed cameras, but we still took one in - lapse security. Got some photos, but they aren't that great as we were pretty far away and used the zoom thingy.

Also, Motorhead were great! Lemmy is such a fucking cool front man. "Who wants some fucking rock & roll?!" - love it. Micky Dee is also a fucking great showman drummer. Loved him.

The Crue were absolutely sensational. I had a blast! Slowing down things was pretty gay - the intermission and even the titty cam got a bit boring - Adelaide birds needed no encouragement to get their stuff out though.

Vince was easily the star of the night - he was on FIRE! He hit notes I didn't even know he could. Very very cool.

Overall - a top night!
feel the pyro, i was dead centre at the very front (only 1 girl standing in front of me - I'll come back to that in moment.

Vince was awesome and the pryo was damn hot, Micks solo's were great and I couldnt pick any miming going on. The PA almost died at one point so, yeah it was all live. No Kylie Minogues. The set was pretty good, didnt matter i was screaming for Piece of the Action, they didnt play it:( I banged my head regardless up til intermission- the break was dreadful. I headed back to the bar after dr feelgood, I'd seen all i had wanted to by that stage. They were all moving about ok, Nikki wasnt as bad as Traci said, Tommy's tittie cam got boring real fast and he when he started the "who's your boy" crap i think Vince should've slapped him!

The audience was pretty soft, Vince was paying the shit outa one side of the crowd, that was hilarious. Speaking of soft, say you are at front of the stage at a metal show would you expect pushing on your back and headbanging around you? What the fukk was with the chick in front of me who tried to have me thrown out because i accidently knocked her head whilst banging? I assume she was trying to get me removed as she was saying something to security and pointing at me. I apologized twice to her she didnt respond her friend turned around and said some shit to me and I said "look i said sorry to her". The interval came so i tapped the girl (whose head i knocked) on the shoulder and apoligized again but what the fuck is with that, can anybody tell me? Metal is so soft these days, that was ridiculous. This just confirmed my opinion that the new generation of metal fans really dont know how to "metal" what the fuck is with all the jumping up and down, was it a Korn concert?!

Motorhead were great, I missed about 3 songs stuck in a que to get into the hall, that was gay. I'd only drunk 1 beer so i was in a bad mood and was standing in crap spot in the isle wondering how to get a better position for Motley. I missed Killed By Death because i was lacking alcohol and headed back to the bar for tequila shooters and beer chasers but i caught Overkill which was awesome. Bought a Motorhead tour shirt, all the Motley stuff looked shit. How many rereleased too fast for love shirts were there in the crowd too, hahah
Sounds a bit liked I hoped it would be. Very good, but not so good I'm absolutely spewing I wasn't able to go. :)
Yeah dude, it was a killer show but I'm still seething some girl (who probably wasnt even born when Motley Crue released Shout at the Devil) dared tell me to not bang my head and tried to have me removed for simply doing what metal is all about.

If you dont want people headbanging around you, dont go to a metal show and more importantly dont stand at the fukken front!

Putting my wrath aside however it was great too see Motorhead sticking with Ironboar skull on their tshirts! How could you resist buying one?!

Local SA paper, The Advertiser wrote up on last Thrusday's Crue show saying it was "ironical" they blew their speakers during their rendition of On with the Show and how everyone was really annoyed. I recall them getting the issues sorted out pretty quick, kudos to them!
I guess it all depends on the individuals interpretations. for me waiting 20 yrs to see them made me kinda excited, I was drunk and was gonna enjoy my $150 worth of ticket and that i did to the best of my abilities. What i saw between fits of headbanging seemed to me a decent show. I didnt expect much more so I walked away happy. I knew the set would slide to shit at the end so I skipped off back to the bar. I wished Motorhead played longer...