I have to stop going to JB on Saturday mornings...


Aug 4, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
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Ok...I finish work for the week at around 6:30am Saturday morning...I get payed on Friday...but seeing as I'm usually asleep all day, I dont get a chance to spend any money on Friday. However...seeing as I dont sleep when I get home on Saturdays...I seem to be finding myself at JB...spending money.

Over the past 2 weeks this is what I've hauled from JB...maybe I'm in some over tired end of nightshift spending trance or something...

Last Saturday...
Transformers Series 1
Voltron Series 1
Tenatious D - The Masterworks

Battle of the Planets Series 1
Visions of the Beast
The Young Ones Series 1&2


Oh...did I mention that I think I have an addiction to buying TV series' on DVD?
My purchases this week at JB:

League of Gentlemen Christmas Special

Dawn of the Dead
The Insider
Dog Soldiers
The Great Escape

Would have gottened Voltron but it wasn't there.
Brad - i dont have the monkey dvds. but they're all 13 bucks at JB here too.

Spiffo - JB at Kedron had 2 copies of the voltron dvds on the shelf thismorning.
What's the new Dawn of the Dead like? i saw that there today. I wanted to get Stargate but I couldnt find it anywhere today. Also, The Great Escape = :kickass:
Dawn of the Dead rules. I haven't seen the original yet (I know, I know) and hadn't seen the new one before, but I heard enough good things about it to check it out. It rules. :headbang:
I want to buy on DVD at some stage all/some series of the following:

The Young Ones
Father Ted
I'm Alan Partridge
Fawlty Towers

Is The Wonder Years available on DVD? What about The Neverending Story?
dreamwatch said:

Ah yes, I should get Knowing Me, Knowing You as well. I'm Alan Partridge is better though, so I'll try to get hold of a couple of those DVDs first. :) Steve Coogan is my hero.