I have to stop going to JB on Saturday mornings...

The Neverending Story's are available in Region 1.

I have the first 2 :D

2 of my most proudest owned things.

R.I.P Jonathan Brandis
The last episode aired on Monday night...the DVDs were released on Wednesday. pretty cool.

Oh yeah...I folded. DAMN YOU WOW SIGHT AND SOUND!!!

Picked up...

X Files series 1
Seinfeld Series 1 & 2
Point Break :headbang:
Creature from the Black Lagoon

and because I bought all those I got 4 free dodgy old movies too...all of them seem to have a blurb that starts off with "He had 2 loves in life...cars...and chicks!" They look like total dodgy semi softcore porno titty teen movies...which means they're probably totally :kickass:
I think I would have to say that WOW has more of a range than JB does actually. Appart from music DVDs. WOW has heaps of music DVD's, but they dont really have much by way of metal music dvds. For movies and box sets and stuff like that though, its fantastic.

I will definately be hauling from there again. Plus they have all awesome other stuff in there too. All the rest of the sight and sound stuff is layed out cool and made to look really eye catching.

I think they specifically plan out the floor in those stores so that you walk in and look around, then you get lost in the maze of aisles and have to end up walking past everything they have before you can find the checkouts and the exit. Its pretty smart.
Yeah those are episodes that were apparently not originally dubbed when they were first shown or something. I think they are volume 13 and 14 or something.

The thing with those is that i never see shops that have all of them...theres always one missing, so you couldnt get them all in one hit! lol

Like yesterday at WOW...they had all of them except volume 1! haha
I popped into WOW this afternoon. Not bad - CD range is quite poor, innit? Didn't actually compare prices with JB for the DVDs cos I wasn't there to buy anything. Nice place though, but I had to leave cos I really needed to go to the loo.
The new season of Family Guy airs soon in the US. I can't wait till its released on DVD. Funniest cartoon ever!

There is also a new cartoon from Seth McFarlana called American Dad which debuts soon. Looks to be pretty fuckin funny too.