I would at least...

Well, there's not a whole lot going on, so not much to say at the moment.

We're just trying to get our album into some zines, so there are at least a few reviews floating around.

Personally, I have been busy getting ready for a move, so that's been sucking up a lot of my time.

How's the band going, Nate?
Good to hear you're surviving...We are jamming regularly, and quite frankly it is coming together very quickly! Song number four is yet another milestone in our rapid development. The writing style is something I haven't attempted personally since the early/mid-nineties with Scott Weigand, and it is honestly very challenging but very natural.
As soon as you get settled down from the move, you should cruise down to a jam session....
well, I am still out of town on my training assignment. I get back to Arizona for good mid August. My first live gig back there, if I can get a confirmation from the band, is the supposed Testament gig on August 20 that is at Marquee.
the newspaper means nothing. the fact they are selling tix mean nothing. I don't think people understand me on the various boards I have posted this. I have talked to someone who is told everything by the management and they haven't even mentioned the AZ date so I won't hold my breath till I get the final word.