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Wolfman & Friends just screamed "I KNOW there's no way I can follow up Something Wicked so hey, I won't bother".

I'm starting to look forward to the new one, just because Spawny hates it so much already.
A review from someone with the whole album:

I don't have the bandwidth to send it around to everyone, but I will offer a review after my second listen.

First of all, with the exception of a couple songs, this isn't just typical Iced Earth. Greenface is very thrashy, and others are more D&W-like... some have a bit of a power metallish feel to them. The lead work, though still not overwhelming in quantity, is MUCH better in the quality department. Not Godly, but certainly on par with most bands. Rippers vocals are good, though at times I can't help but miss Barlow.

Star Spangled Banner: This is what it is. Not bad, not spectacular. 7.5.

Declaration Day: The music is decent, but the chorus leaves a bit to be desired. 8

When the Eagle Cries: Terrible. No redeeming value whatsoever. If you hated the acoustic, don't even bother to listen to this. 2

The Reckoning: Typical IE. After the fade, it basically just repeats earlier sections with different lyrics. The interlude is wicked as hell though. 8

Greenface: Awesome song with a terrible chorus. Thrashy, has a wicked solo. 8.5 (would be higher if the chorus wasn't lame).

Atilla: The music is pretty good, but the chorus is a bit cheesy. 7.5

Red Baron/Blue Max: Awesome, the best song, probably. After the fade, it goes back to the intro riff, but a pretty killer lead comes in over it. 9

Hollow Man: A typical IE ballad, but I like it has grown on me a lot. 7.5

Valley Forge: Different kinda sound for IE... after the fade, there's not much new, except for a pretty cool harmony lead thing over the ending riff. 8

Waterloo: The music is great, the vocals are BOOOOOORRRINGGG. 7. Would be an 8-9 if not for the boring vox.

When the Eagle Cries (unplugged): Bad lyrics, great performance... I love the mix of Tim and Matt's vocals in the end, even if they're saying reatarded things.

Gettysburg (1863)

Devil To Pay: It takes a bit to get into the verse/chorus, they don't jump right out at you at first. The best part easily though are the interludes. A mix of the band and orchestral stuff, very wicked sounding stuff there. 8

Hold At All Costs: The first clean verse is kinda gay. After that though, a pretty wicked riff kicks in. Once again, the orchestral interludes tend to be the best part of the song, aprticularly right after the chorus. 7

High Water Mark: This one surprised me a bit... it's actually from General Lee's point of view. It begins with a THUNDEROUS drum intro which is joined by various orchestrations. A slightly odd clean section follows, and then somewhat lackluster sections. This is followed by a killer orchestral section, some so-so vocals, and then more killer orchestral parts. 7.5 (9 to music, 6 to vocals)

Overall, I'd give the album roughly a 7.5. It is NOT for everyone though. There is a definite change in the music to a more power metallish direction in places, and Ripper's vocals aren't going to be for everyone either. I'd have to say the album is by no means a disappointment for me. I'll probably grow to like this more than Horror Show, though it is by NO means even close to their first 2 albums. People who are worried about Pro-American stuff shouldn't worry... you can skip the star spangled banner and WTEC easily enough.
Valley Forge is not worth an 8, he is on crack. Its a 6 at best. No, a 5.

Horror Show is one of IEs best albums.
'I' like When The Eagle Cries. Thus, the above review is wrong and not worth reading.
I disagree, I find other albums of theirs to show their strengths far more clearly, you should listen to those, as you desevre their greatness.
From the sounds of that review, the lyrics are the albums weakest point, which I expected after hearing that it was about American war etc. Sounds like the music is quite good though.
Also I guess whether or not you like Ripper's vocals will be a deciding factor on what you think of the album. I don't mind them from the samples I have heard, but I don't think he will suit as well as Barlow. As I said earlier, I expect it will be their worst album, but I will still like it. Would be good to be proved wrong though.
The trilogy sounds quite good, the dvd will be fantastic in 5.1, and the packaging will be cool no doubt, but I think most of the album will be by the numbers stuff that was considered filler on the other albums (Reaping Stone and so on). Ripper being the vocalist doesnt bother me at all, he would have been my choice if Matt had to be replaced, just the songwriting isnt really up to scratch IMHO.
A documentary, video clips of the 2 singles (I think) and a 5.1 mix of the Gettysburg trilogy :)
Whenever I think of the Gettysburg trilogy all I picture hearing is the 1812 Overture in surround sound.