Iced Earth Tour

Yeah I know I'm not getting my hopes up until I see them on stage.... I mean we can't even get Maiden here and Megadeth can only play small places like The Palace... what chance do Iced Earth have...

But it sounds genuine that it is a possibility. *Fingers crossed*

HEAPS of small American punk bands come out all the time to play places like the Corner Hotel and the Palace... I don't see why Iced Earth can't.
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Latest rumour...


Source: Someone very close to Pegazus.

Now, I'm guessing when you say touring `here' you mean Melbourne don't you.
*urge to kill...rising*

This is amazing, astounding and fantastic news!

Course, they probably won't come to Adelaide (no-one ever does), so I don't know what I'm getting so excited about, but how nice of them to visit Australia in the same month as my birthday. Suddenly, turning 25 doesn't seem so bad :).

If my forgettable home town is included on the tour, who am I supposed to go with? I think I'm the only one in the state that's ever heard of IE, dammit.

Mark, UM will *have* to do an interview while they're here...

Then again...what's the point of flying your shit halfway round the world to play some crummy little hotel in Melbourne. They may as well make the trip worthwhile. Hmmm...

By the way I just noticed this smilie. What the hell is it?
If thats true, ill be going to EVERY concert my friends :) So wrathchild, if they play adelaide, ILL be there!
Dont worry kem if they play melbourne and sydney, they will play brisbane too probably.

But i dont want to get my hopes up only to have them brutally crushed by reality, so i wont :)

I heard they may tour with megadeth, but the countries werent confirmed and i didnt want to say anything in case its completely wrong, but sanctuary and jon have talked a bit about iced signing to them as they arent signed to anyone now, so its at least plausable.........i didnt want to say anything as its just a rumour, but what the hell :)
You know, judging from everyones enthusiasm for an iced earth tour methinks they would sell out clubs no worries........I think the guys might get a big shock that they are so popular if they ever do come here.........
A pity Pegazus would be the support. It should be a decent band like Dungeon :)

Before I get flamed by all of you Pegazus fans, thats just my opinion.
If Iced Earth do come down here, I'll prolly be so excited I'll be walking thru streets to uni and just start running up to people and shout in their fave,, ICED FUCKEN EARTH!!! then run of giggling like a school girl hehe :)

Thanks Spawn. Will look forward to meeting up with you in Adelaide if and when this tour happens.

On the subject of our favourite Frozen Terrestrials, what's the history behind "Cast In Stone?" Was it a leftover from the Burnt Offerings sessions, or a new track specially written and recorded for Days of Purgatory?

W - whose copy of Burnt Offerings *still* hasn't arrived, buggrit!

I don't know IE all that well. I have a few mp3s but that's about it. The great Richard Christy is on drums though, so that'll do me! So, where's a good place to start if I wanna find out what they're really like?
Wrathchild: Cast in stone is off the enter the realms ep they released before they had an album deal (i think, in the purgatory booklet it says its from the first album, which it isnt)

Winmar: Download the songs A question of heaven and the coming curse. If you like both those songs you will love the rest, if you want to buy an album, buy alive in athens or something wicked this way comes. :)

Iccy: I shall do the same no doubt :lol:

Arcane: I agree, dungeon would be WAY better (not just cos they are a really good band, but then Lord timmy might be able to help me meet some of the guys in iced earth.......the drinks will be on me tim :) haha!)
I hate this, rumours shouldnt be allowed to be posted ANYWHERE on the internet, i feel like im 10 again waiting for christmas :)
The guys in the band can stay at my place if they cant afford hotels after paying for the plane tickets!