If you want to improve these forums...


OneMetal.com Music Editor
I'm a writer for this site, and I've noticed a lot of Nevermore fans seem to be unhappy with the new forum. Well, the site editor (Mark) is already running a poll in the General Music Discussion board asking what could be done to improve the forums. Any input from you guys would, I'm sure, be much appreciated.
Personally, I love these kind of forums. Registering eliminated problems of idiots running around using seventeen different names, if you like you can receive email notification of replies to your posts, you can have a personal profile, an avatar, some descriptive text under your name, there's all the cool smilies, the private message facilities... what more could you realistically want?
The new forum is ten times better than the previous format. I have been posting to Opeth's forum for months (also hosted here, and uses the same format). I am a much bigger fan of Nevermore. However, I never posted to the old board, because it was structured so poorly.

was just a plain and simple board, I feel it was much easier to use, although this one isnt terrible I just liked the other one. it really doesnt matter all that much it is just that a lot of the old board users seem to not be posting on here (Mags especially). There was already a nice little board that everyone there was comfortable with and then it was taken away. oh well Stay Metal