I'm going down to Blackwater Park...


cheating the polygraph
Apr 29, 2001
dead between the walls
Gonna meet some lepers of weak mind
Graven faces everywhere, desperate folks with depraved tempations
Going down to Blackwater Park
Where the drapery falls and unwinds
Ample bleakness in the night, people whispering dirges for november
Going down to Blackwater Park
(insert wordless growling here)
Going down to Blackwater park where the sun never shines
I kept hearing "Going To California with an aching in my heart.." in my head. Actually, most anytime I hear "Going to (insert town/state/planet of origin here!) I hear that song in the back of my mind. Wordless growling rules. :heh:


The sun sets forever over BLACKWATER PARK."
Yeah, it's a parody of the South Park theme. Initially, I was going to string together a poem out of Opethian references in the poetry thread (in the mist she was standing under the weeping moon, her silhouette glowing amidst the forest of october) when somebody left five Opethian words, but I hit a writers block and did this instead. Blackwater Park has always sounded like the name of a town in New Jersey to me. Maybe I'll still write the Ode to Opeth in the future...