Similarities between Blackwater Park and Led Zeppelin IV


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Jan 13, 2008
They are 2 albums on completely opposite ends of the musical spectrum, or so you might think! They are both 8 tracks long, and both considered magnum opi (?) by many people, and the length of tracks are similar in proportion compared to oher tracks on the album! I don't really take this seriously or have any music theory knowledge, I was just randomly thinking about this on the way to work! I will post my initial ideas and try to fill it out as I think about it.

1. "The Leper Affinity" – 10:23
2. "Bleak" – 9:16
3. "Harvest" – 6:01
4. "The Drapery Falls" – 10:54
5. "Dirge for November" – 7:54
6. "The Funeral Portrait" – 8:44
7. "Patterns in the Ivy" – 1:53
8. "Blackwater Park" – 12:08

1. "Black Dog" 4:57
2. "Rock and Roll" 3:40
3. "The Battle of Evermore" 5:52
4. "Stairway to Heaven" 8:00
5. "Misty Mountain Hop" 4:38
6. "Four Sticks" 4:46
7. "Going to California" 3:31
8. "When the Levee Breaks" 7:07

1. Both very rocky tracks, both set up the albums very well and represent the individual bands at their best.

2. ?

3. Two beautiful acoustic ballads that serve as a nice breather after the uppercut-to-the-face of the first 2 tracks!

4. Where can I start! I have always considered The Drapery Falls as Opeth's Stairway, just both legendary rock anthems!

5. ?

6. It's a long shot but both use nature as metaphors

"And when the owls cry in the night, Oh, Baby, Baby, when the pines begin to cry,
Baby, Baby, Baby, how do you feel? If the river runs dry, Baby"

"Ruby eyes in the fog
Rain washing clean all the sins
A liquid gown that covers all "

7. Both short twiddly acoustic tracks!

8. Both tracks are defined by driving riffs throughout the whole songs and serve as exclamation marks to the whole album.
"And when the owls cry in the night, Oh, Baby, Baby, when the pines begin to cry,
Baby, Baby, Baby, how do you feel? If the river runs dry, Baby"

They've both had an eminent impact in heavy rock and metal music. The other one has - as mentioned - Stairway to Heaven and the other's The Drapery Falls.
Ok just working this out but hear me out and bear with me.

1. "The Leper Affinity"
2. "Bleak"
3. "Harvest"
4. "The Drapery Falls"
5. "Dirge for November"
6. "The Funeral Portrait"
7. "Patterns in the Ivy"
8. "Blackwater Park"

1. "Fight Fire with Fire"
2. "Ride the Lightning"
3. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
4. "Fade to Black"
5. "Trapped Under Ice"
6. "Escape"
7. "Creeping Death"
8. "The Call of Ktulu"

1. Both are the first track on the album.
2. I can play both of these songs in my guitar.
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls is named after a book by Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway's granddaughter wrote a book and got it published by a company called Harvest.
4. I have faded black drapery because I am pure evil.
5. There is a lot of ice in November. Where I am from, folks fall through ice on snowmobiles in November, and then we need a dirge.
6. Never cared for either of these songs. Jazz isn't my thing.
7. Ivy tends to creep, iirc. Also Opeth is Death Metal.
8. Both are the last track on the album.

I'll continue to puzzle this over and keep you guys updated.

Edit: It's Hemingway's granddaughter. She also is emo for fishing and loves the sauce.