i'm injured , have any coments


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May 2, 2001
Corner Brook Canada
My wrist was herting today as a result of my stupidity , so i went to the doctor ,
in my left hand : 3 chords in my arm , broke . Wrist - semi fractured and sprained , 3 chords in my hand partially broke .

Right hand , : 1 chord broke in my hand , wrist herting a bit , and hard to move .

The reasin I am complaining : An injury like this can have an effect on reaction time , as I was told by my doctor . And as most of you know I play guitar for the band Wars of Winter , which is basically my life . Our guitarist is back home now and we haven't jamed in a long time due to the miles apart , so now that he is back , and we have tons of time to jam , i can't , the doc said that i have to have this stupid piece of shit on my arm for a long 3 weeks , and then no guitar for a long while after , he also said when i can play guitar again i'll play alot slower and find it very painful and tiring , so this is the worst thing that ever hapened to me .

When I left the hospital , i only had a sprained wrist , then i had to go down there again , and this is what I got .

I was also supposed to do a side project called mist with a few other board members . so thats history .

If you ever heard of the injury that the old guitarist for immortal had , well I sort of had that before my injury and i some how tried to fight it of , but now with this i might be finnished .

Is there any people in hear that has ever had a similar enjury .

I might as well , just hope for the doctor to be wrong , they usually are so , hope for me people , Who know's one of these days I could be the next peter lindgren (jokin) , if all this shit clears up , oh well , depressing few weeks for me ,

and i'm gonna stop here because it's pretty damn difficult to type .

glen o'keefe
injured guitars for wars of winter
To tell you something to (possibly) lessen your pain: Tony Iommi, one of the legendary godfathers of the whole metal-genre, lost a couple of fingertips sometime in sixties. Doctors said he would never again play guitar, but he refused to believe that and started practising with artificial fingertips. Had he not done that, none of us would ever had heard Black Sabbath's "Paranoid".

Hope you a quick recovery (and all that shit)...

-Villain (np: The Kovenant - Animatronic)
[COLOR=sky blue]I agree with that. A little break might do more good than you think. I used to play billiards all the time, then I stopped playing for about 3 years because I got Carpal Tunnel in both my wrists from a summer job. Finally, when it was under control and (thank god) over with, I went back to the pool hall and I couldn't believe how good I could still play. It felt like I was playing better! OK, not a great example for a guitarists, but it's all I had. [/COLOR] :p

[COLOR=sky blue]Hopefully without sounding like your overly cautious doctor, don't practice again until you know you can. Most injuries I have, if I don't let it rest for the right amount of time, I just keep making it worse and worse. So, it's sort of half and half. Don't jump back into it too fast, and don't think you'll never play again. You will. I mean, look how upset you're getting over the idea of NOT possibly being able to. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=sky blue]You know how it goes. Where there's a will...there's a way.[/COLOR]
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bah... I had long pause with my guitar, when I was in army for 9 painly month (03.7.00 - 29.3.01), damn it feels like it has been centuries from that, but not :p .I played a bit on that time but not much... and it didn't make me worses guitarist. sometimes little break even helps. :)

Our vocalist/guitarist rick is like that , he won't play for a while and then he'll play better than ever , but when I don't play for even like a day I get worst ,
ok , i geuss it's not that , bad , but the doctor sure made it sound like it was , i'm just debating wether or not i should practise , maybe if i do it'll get worst , if i don't then maybe i'll start to suck at guitar or somethimng

edit: nevermind havent seen the date lol
Dave Mustaine took some time off from guitar a few years back, because of a similiar problem. He's done 2 albums , and toured since. Just take it slow, whatever you decide to do.