Am I the only one whose back starts hurting like crazy if they play classical style? Cuz having to sit up straight for long periods of time does not agree with this schlumpf :lol: Instead, what I do is use a classical footrest, but put my right foot on it instead of my left, so with the guitar resting on my right thigh it's raised to a perfect height!
I play with the guitar behind my head, whilst making thrusting motions with my pelvis. Very effective. :headbang:

Actually - I hate neck heavy guitars too, but most often nowadays I am playing in a seated position, and use a classical-type position while using my strap so the guitar kind of "floats" in my lap, right at the perfect height.

+1, I always wear a strap when sitting as well.
If you're uncomfortable and limiting your playing then just raise the guitar up higher. No brainer, dude.

I play with the guitar super high myself. Function over fashion.

i played guitar pretty low before (standing) and found myself constantly over the years raising it. i started to play better it was more confortable and natural...some guitars are somewhat imbalenced and don´t feel right.
i personally prefer heavy bodies
I have my guitar just beneath my huge mantits, and just above my huge manpackage! :headbang:
"Do you change your hand/arm positioning any when playing standing compared to sitting? "

It's not a height issue. I've tried from super high to super low and the most comfortable is when it's at the same height as when I'm sitting. The problem, I believe, is that the guitar angles away from me a bit compared to it being parallel when I'm sitting. I should have elaborated in the OP. Using my right arm to correct the angle makes my picking suffer as well from the added tension. I play in the classical position too so it's not that.

Sounds like you just need to try some different guitars, honestly.

If a guitar doesn't hang perfectly balanced for me, I'm not going to play it.