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Aug 28, 2001
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hi. i'm new. i am on one other board and i don't post much on there. i have 4 brothers who constantly want online so i don't post much anywhere. but when i do, i try and make it worth while, since i don't get online alot. i love talking to people and giving advice is something else i love to do (just a forewarning: i'm not saying that it'll be good advice:D). well, there's not much else to say so i guess i'll go now and talk to ya'll later.
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Hi new person. Welcome to the board, Opeth rocks.

"i don't give a damn if u don't like me, cause i don't like you, cause your not like me." <~ bloodhound gang
That's not a very good quote.
Yes welcome to our newest member of the Bestest (only) Opeth forums around:D . This coming to you from a slightly-less-new board member.....oh well. Enjoy:loco: .
welcome....do not smoke or drink anything morningrise hands you...just a heads up. :)
what? you don't like my quote? i don't give a damn if someone dosen't like me. :p i got into opeth from my mom. her best friend recomended them to us and copied blackwater park and still life for us and they instantly became one of my fave bands. i don't experiment w/music much so i hadn't heard the growly-suddenly-melodic sound yet. but i loved it. i don't usually listen to heavier music but this was a good change. i like more mellow music. anyways, that's how i came upon opeth. i was saddened to learn that they aren't played on radio but was then glad because radio usually over-plays songs. that's all for now. :)
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P.S.- i won't take anything from morningrise... well, there will be some exceptions... like food... i like food. (i'm not fatt... seriously...i only weigh like 130..well, that's not too bad. i'm just a food lover):confused: ok, that sounded so weird. i'm leaving now.
They are played on radio, just local metal shows thats all.
And btw, if someone doesnt like your quote, doesnt mean he doesnt like you. Hmmm Im sure you knew that already. But he was right, thats not a very good quote. And yes you should experiment with music. Opeth can open alot of new doors.
Welcome to the board! I find it incredibly cool that your mom got you into Opeth. What kind of friends does she have?

I really like this whole "cross-subculture" boundary that Opeth can transcend. I don't think there's any other band that CAN appeal to such a mass audience, but hasn't.

Oh yeah, and Bloodhound Gang kicks ass. Keep the quote. They may be silly/nonsense.. but they're catchy as hell. :D
my mommie has metal-head friends :p yeah! they are a riot when she has parties! i know that if someone dosen't like my quote, then that dosen't mean that he dosen't like me. i was just saying. anyways, i love how i can't find another band like opeth... i like other bands (limp bizkit is one... don't hate! i like the music, not the band) but i haven't really experimented which i am regreting. but i can fix that. i love incubus so much and i am getting into more and more different bands. my music style is eclectic, but dosen't include country... and most rap. i love the diversity of my tastes of music; rock, metal, mellow rock, a little rap here and there, old rock... a cornucopia of styles, sorta like a potpourri of sounds. :D i like the way that sounded. if i hear a great song, i will explore the band a little and see if their cd is worth getting. it also helps to have thought-provoking lyrics. i love how incubus and opeth actually think through their lyrics and come up with something that dosen't always have to rhyme, as long as they like it. anyways, i think i'll go now and get ready 4 school tomorrow. talk to ya'll tomorrow sometime. :)
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About the quote, I just dislike it because it sounds like it promotes ____ism where the ____ could be "sex" or "race" or anything for that matter.