I'm sorry - another 09/11/01 thread


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May 19, 2001
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I look at the news, and was thinking:

They shut down a resevoir here in Massachusetts, they've grounded all US crop-dusting, they check vehicles travelling to Manhattan which causes more delays, they set up patrols at both bridges to Cape Cod...etc,etc,etc - all of this either in the papers, TV or radio.

Damn, I hate the media - the world sees the effects this one attack has had, and thus the terrorists have succeeded in the effect of terror. Maybe I think of this illogically, but the less that is known in the media, it will lessen the ripple effect of the spread of fear.

Obviously, things like the effects on Wall St, the airlines with their layoffs and % of capacity - this news will get out, but its all of this other superficial crap that feeds the frenzy.

Call me stupid and ignorant, but I blame the media in general for helping the terrorists spread their message.
i agree totally. just by them insisting on calling it "america's new war", "the attack on america", "the day of infamy", "the war of the 21st century", blah blah blah, they're creating this frenzy much larger than is warranted.
It's typical of the media, and there's not much you can do either.

It's rather sad the way they feed off of such tragedy's as this, I understand that it is their duty to inform us about the news, but they take it to far.

Since day one it has been a media frenzy, "America Under Attack",
"Americas New War".

Corporate whores.

If you haven't already read No Logo by Naomi Klein.

Incredible, it discusses such topics as this.
On a somewhat related note, I just got the new TV guide in the mail and guess whats on the cover... the towers in flames and in big letters "Terror Hits Home". It's bad enough that the media is showing it over and over and over again. But it's absoluting disgusting that an entainment magazine like TV guide is using it to up their sales.
All I would like to know is....
What else has happened in the world since 9/11? Since the media refuses to report anything else than "ATTACK ON AMERICA" :rolleyes: I haven't seen or heard about the rest of the world's affairs.
For a quick update of the few other news events that I've managed to catch since the 'Terror'
An explosives factory in Toulouse, France exploded, killing almost 200 people and releasing a red cloud of unknown substance into the local atmosphere that cause authorities to request people not to leave their homes.
Mad cow disease was discovered in Japan, but they are confident that it was nipped in the bud.
Last week a typhoon ravaged Taiwan, leaving parts of Taipei without power, and major flooding. Another typhoon is just hitting the island now.

anybody else have news worthy events?
Originally posted by Demonspell
Thre were also a few plane and railroad crashes in the US

...uh...are you sure? Plane crashes don't occur very often and I'm pretty sure they would have called a little bit more attention to something like that.
oy 1 million people died in china in some f**ckin huge ass flood
they didnt even say anything ...........
Yeah, but that's okay, VT, they're only Chinese people... there's a billion of them and it's a communist country anyways. I mean... who cares, right?

(if anyone didn't catch the inherent facetiousness there, I'd better point it out before the stupid people start giving me flack... "that was facetious"... done.)

This isn't that bad, though. This whole "War on Terrorism" thing actually looks as if it's seriously going to impact the world. I was a little more disturbed/annoyed when Princess Di met her untimely demise and I couldn't hear any real news for a week or so. I mocked it openly and was looked down upon for it. Surprise? Nooope.

A million people? Really? That can't be the actual figure...
Thats what I hear from my friends in the CIA .
I think that # isnt exactly 1000000000 but it is fairly close.
Alot of dead chinese fucken........