ha i wrote tink. I like all black metal. My two favorites are emperor and gorgoroth though. next would be marduk. i like burzum and immortal equally which means theyre ok. Dont bitch me too hardcore on this one.
Venom in interwiev: GARRY SHARPE-YOUNG

"What about the whole Scandinavian explosion of Black Metal?

"I think they should take a bit more credit for themselves y'know? That might sound weird because VENOM was an obvious inspiration but they really made it into something all their own. To me, all that Norwegian stuff is one speed Death Metal and I think rather than saying VENOM this, VENOM that, they should have come up with a brand new name.. "Necro Metal" or something like that."
Yeah, that really supports your earlier argument. I can find a quote from Cronos from another interview that would crush it, however, if you'd like.