Initial thoughts on first 3 singles from new album


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Jan 21, 2012
I'm anxiously awaiting the new album to be delivered sometime this week and from the things I've read so far, it sounds like this one is getting rave reviews. I generally don't like to spoil my surprise of pre-listening to songs before I hear the entire album for the first time but this time I chose to listen to the first 3 singles:
1. Little Men - I have to admit when I first heard it, the vocals took me a while to get used to. I love Ray's voice and I was disappointed when I first heard about the vocalist change (although I must admit that I've only listened to a little of Evergrey so I wasn't very familiar with Tom). But this song has grown on me and I really like how well Tom's voice fits in this band. Nick was right when he said that if a person liked Redemption in the past, that person will continue to like the band's music.
2. Indulge in Color - Oh my gosh, this is a great song...I just love the melody in this one. This ranks up there as another Redemption classic (my favs being "Black and White World", "Love Kills Us All / Life In One Day", and "At Day's End").
3. Someone Else's Problem - This one starts off with a burst of energy and has an awesome guitar solo. I could see for a live show the keyboard intro being extended with the lights down while the guys walk on stage, then some lights show up on Chris for his spot on drum fill, and then the full lights come on the band when the guitars kick in.
I received my pre-order CD on the 23rd, 4 days early!!! No idea why. I admit I listened that day. Nobody call the music police on me.

Being a drummer and weird I guess, I don't listen to music the way normal people do. I can listen to a song a hundred times and only listen to what the drummer plays with his left foot in relation to the bass player. I don't think I ever really listen to the vocals or lyrics. I certainly absorb them over time by multiple listens. So I never really thought having a new singer would matter to me. Love Ray and his voice but he is just the guy singing. I was very surprised at how jarring it was with a new singer. That is no criticism of Tom. He is great. Fantastic job on the album. Nothing not to love about the performance. It just doesn't sound like my band. Having said that, I will adjust. Its waaaaay toooooo good not to.

In addition to the physical CD, I got the iTunes version too. The version of Noonday Devil with Tom is really good. Can't wait to hear the old stuff live with him.

Indulge is really good. The only part that I'm struggling with is where the background vocals come in. There is so much going on at those parts that I can't hear anything. Even reading the lyrics along with it, I can't discern what they are saying. Tom as well as the rest of the music right there kind of gets drowned out. Or maybe a better description is a wall of sound and I can't make the individual parts out. Its quite possible after 35 years of drumming that my ears suck and when there is that much going on, I just can't hear it the way it really sounds. ?

Someone Else's Problem is top 3 all time Redemption for me right now. Will see how it holds up long term. One of their best for sure.

I won't spoil the rest for you.

On a side note, the girl in the video could be my problem if she wanted. I'm guessing she wouldn't want to.
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