My thoughts on the new album

Who mastered this disc? I know Kernon mixed it, but what about the mastering?

I don't know who mastered it, but whoever it was did a terrible job. It's completely compressed and brickwalled and that doesn't help the poor production either. Great songs that I've heard so far, just very bad mixing/mastering.

That noise in NTFTF has to be on purpose. I haven't quite figured out what it represents, but think about it. Would a professional (much less a newbie producer) allow the release of a track with such a glaring error? Come on. Give InsideOut, Neil Kernon, and the band a little credit here.

I have to agree with several other people... The more I listen, the more I am loving the album. The production is what it is. At this point, the album as it stands is a permanent part of the Redemption lexicon, and it fits right in with the rest of the albums as the band moves forward. No band should stagnate. If they came out with Snowfall, part 2 we'd be happy at first. But by the time Snowfall 3, 4, etc.. came out, they'd get blasted for not growing the music. All bands need to grow and mature. TMC seems to me to be a natural progression, a fitting next step from Snowfall.

I haven't done any major listening for this album(hard to sit through even half of it because how bad it's affected by the loudness war), but if it sounds like crackly noise, it's from digital clipping.
Much like Iconoclast, I was way too harsh on this album on first listen. Now that it's sunk in a bit, I must say, This Mortal Coil is pretty incredible. It's #4 in my rankings, but Redemptions last 4 albums are all kind of equal anyway. Excellent job, Nick.

Why the hell is this forum so dead?
I wonder the same thing myself, Zook. I started a couple of threads on the DTF site, and continually mentioned this forum and encouraged people to join. Guess they're more content to talk about Redemption on the DTF site.

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A band like Redemption are always going to be hard to produce. With two heavy guitars and keyboards, that's an awful lot of energy in the low-mid region that can't be easily negotiated. You could ask the guys to back off on their sounds, or EQ the crap out of the guitars to create some space, but then it wouldn't be Redemption, would it? The whole Wall Of Sound thing is part of Redemption's sound.

The mastering and whole loudness war issue is an unfortunate sign of the times. If you want your music to stand out among today's music (and surely Redemption do need that), you need to wave the little white flag and edge ever closer to the 0dB line.

I think the production on all the Redemption albums "suffer" from these issues, but that's part of the package. I, for one, love the music they create and have no problem listening to it as is - on headphones, in the car or at home.

I've been listening to a couple of videos with Ray on youtube, and I gotta say.. his voice is still strong. It might even be improving! Anyways, just wanted to share that I was surprised and happy to hear that he still has it in him.

Check out some of the latest live ones with Fates, those are especially good, I think.