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I've got a old porn mag from 1979 in one of the boxes here that has a really cool interview with Lemmy, Philthy and Eddie in it as well as a whacky interview with Peter Tork. If I can find someone with a scanner I'll upload it one day.
Cirith Ungol Interview

Gatekeeper Interview

Siki Spacek (Black Death) Interview

Robert Stevens (Dark Age) Interview

Jarvis Leatherby (Night Demon/Jaguar/Cirith Ungol) Interview

Howie Bentley (Cauldron Born/Briton Rites) Interview

George Call (Aska/Cloven Hoof) Interview

Mark Briody (Jag Panzer) Interview

Some of these are interviews that I wanted to do and some of them are interviews that I was asked to do. I was also supposed to interview David T. Chastain, Venomous Maximus and Dark Angel, but those interviews never happened for whatever reason.
Charlie Infection from the band Psycho had a cool cable access type show called The Meat Grinder back in the 90's and he showed music clips and interviewed random bands (there's a lot of shows archived on Youtube) and in this particular one he interviews Mark and Stevo from Impetigo.


King Fowley and his friend interviewed themselves in 1983 about Cirith Ungol and sent the tape to the band. Cirith Ungol wrote back. Fowley put it up on YouTube for your listening pleasure.
It's funny because I was planning interviews earlier tonight and I was thinking of asking him to do one, and then he posted this on my Facebook.

I'd also like to interview King Fowley and Eternal Champion, but I haven't asked them as of now.
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