Jul 6, 2001
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When I bought Morningrise I thought it sounded very different from the later albums...more classic metal. And Mikaels voice sounded different on the growls...more raspy scream than dark evil growl.

Morningrise was recorded 1996 and MAYH was recorded 1997.
On MAYH Mikael starts with the raspy growl and then changes suddenly to the evil dark growl wich he will continue on all later albums.

So I thought that his voice has changed or that he just changed style.

Then I listened to "Circle of the tyrant" the Celtic frost cover on MAYH new release. Mikael does sing with his evil dark growl that didnt exist on Morningrise. But this song was recorded 1995 that was earlier than Morningrise...


I havent heard Orchid yet so I dont know wich sing style Mr Åkerfelt uses on that album?...Is the raspy vocals only on Morningrise or is "Circle of the tyrant" his first evil growl project???
actually, he had a cold when he recorded MAYH. there are some great phelgmy parts! :D I don't really know the answer to your question though.
Yeah, he had the flu whilst recording the vocals on MAYH. Personally I think this was his best vocal performance on this album, the way the growls blend into the clean parts are simply amazing!! Maybe he should have the flu more often ;)
Personally I think that Mikael does his darkest growls on BWP.
And I think that his clean vocals is best on Still life...

How does orchid sound? Is the guitars similar to morningrise or the "new" style?
For growls I think by far the best ones are on MAYH. So who's gonna find him and give him flu when they're recording the next album? For his sake I think they should be female! I think the clean vocals are best on either still life or BWP

I feel miks growls and clean vocals are the best in MAYH. It's by far the sexiest album. :err:

As for your question: Orchid is the less refined (though more energetic) version of Morninrise. Twin guitars, same progressiveness, same production and producer (dan swano), and yes, same "higher pitched" raspy growling. Though I can't imagine either morningrise or orchid with the deeper blast of mik's later growling, for this reason in particular. The lyrics are more "love lorn" if you will, and the intensity of his singing does a much greater job of expressing that condition and thsoe emotions than the lower growls could.
Mike was sick when he came and toured through Mass the first time. Growls were great! :heh: Second time around, was clearing up I guess. Got to hear Credence.