Jul 6, 2001
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Ive just bought morningrise....and I have listened to it about three days now.

I first got "Blackwater Park" two months ago and it introduced me to "Opeth". It was the best album Ive ever bought so then I bought "Still Life" two weeks after wich wasnt lesser good.
So I bought "MAYH" another two weeks after. Now a couple of weeks after, I have bought "Morningrise".

Which I think sounds totally different from the "earlier" albums...
Its like buying metallicas "black album" first and then buy "Kill em all".

Everything sounds very different.

Mikael: Sings more raspy and are screaming more. He uses his voice talent much more different. Its similar to the beginning of "MAYH". I personally think that he growls much darker and better on the later albums.

The bass: DerFallas bass sounds jazzy...and it feels like he just playing without listening to the other music...its strange and it makes the music more harmonic, not so dark. Sometimes especially on "Advent" its great with its reverb. But I prefer the original mendez style.

The drums: Anders is a very good drummer and not bad at all.
But, the sound of the drums is not good at all! Its very, very light and it sounds like a crappy drum-machine sometimes. I prefer heavy sounding drums. This is not Anders fault!

The guitars: It has a usual old "metallica" heavy metal distortion which isnt so dark an dramaticall as the later heavier "Opeth" distortion. I prefer the later style. The acustic sounds like "Opeth"
and its no different from the later albums.

The music: Much more harmonic, more usual heavy metal. In the later albums there is dark and sad atmosphere all the time wich I love, thats "Opeth" to me! In some parts on "Morningrise" it feels like the band are smiling when they play it. There is a great part of "The night and the silent water" though, at about 9,00. This part is what they brought to the later albums. It has the same dark atmosphere. And I love it!

I think its an giant huge step from "Morningrise" and "MAYH".
And I know that many "Opeth" fans thinks that "Morningrise" is there best album. To me its a good album but not close to the later albums. I think "Morningrise" sounds more usual heavy metal. And that the later albums sounds more different from all other music.

It would be very intresting to discuss this on the thread, and it will be very intresting for me what the people who love "Morningrise" thinks of the album, and why they prefer the older "opeth".

This is just my taste, and Im not saying that the later "Opeth" is a better band, I just prefer the later "Opeth"

What do you people think about the the big step between "Morningrise" to "My arms your hearse"?
Yup, the step between Morningrise and MAYH is prett big.
As i've understood it's because DeFarfalla wanted their music
to be slow and melodic...and when he got booted, they made
their heaviest album.... kinda like a "HAHA" sent in DeFarfalla's direction :)

I actually think MAYH should be placed in a group of its own, but
that group is closer to BWP&SL than to O&MR.

I'm (also) personally more fond of the latest style, and that's
what got me into Opeth. The old style is still awesome, but I
currently rank the new style a bit higher.