"Eternal Soul Torture"......

Death Opeth

Jan 18, 2003
Hmmmmmmmmm,I own all the alubums except for "Morningrise",so I ordered it from theendrecords.com. When I received "Morningrise" from theendrecords.com... I noticed that there was a bonus track called "Eternal Soul Torture" on their version of the album. When I first listened to it, it sounded like they have changed somewhat over the years.

"Eternal Soul Torture" was recorded in 1992,and it sounds Old School Death metal like that,that Mikael works with on Bloodbath....

Anybody else like this song? I for one, think it is a great song. Mysterious,and OLD sounding because of the recording conditions.

Also, does anyone know if Opeth released any stuff before "Orchid" that was produced and is not bootleg?

The reissue of Orchid has a very similar track called "Into The Frost Of Winter". Those two always hurt my ears too much to listen to. Large sections of them ended up in other songs anyway.
try and get a hold of a bootleg of opeth playing in stockholm from 1991.

The tracklisting is:

1.Moonlight Silver Tears (Intro) - Poise Into Celeano
2.Requiem Of Lost Souls
3.Death Metal (Possessed Cover)

thats the only other material of opeth that i know of that was recorded before orchid,other than the rehearsals.The quality of them is pretty awful,but you can hear certain parts from the first two tracks that have ended up in other tunes and stuff,like "forest of october".
there is another...its a rare rehersal from 1993 i believe. or so it said when i d/l it from the now deceased bootleg site, sorry cant remember the name now...

anywho the tracks are:

1. Eternal Soul Torture (dont know if its the exact same one as on Morningrise as i have the version with no bonus track)

2. (it seems to be an alternate version of Black Rose Immortal)

3. Forest Of October

the recording isn't great, but its not bad either, just playing it now it doesnt seem too bad. its more of a nostalgic fan thing to have i suppose, not something you'd be lost without like the albums.
eternal soul torture and into the frost of winter have some great riffs...so what i did? using cool edit i made the two songs turn into a single one...the result was good.